'The Bachelor' Finale: Fans Praise Chris Harrison, Slam Peter Weber's Mom Barb

Some fans have called Barb this season's villain... but Peter said she's coming from a place of love.

Chris Harrison worked overtime trying to get Peter Weber a happy ending on his season finale of The Bachelor

The longtime Bachelor host wears a few hats every season, but this time he actually turned into a matchmaker, meeting up with Peter's runner-up, Madison Prewett, after his broken engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss. Chris told Madison that Peter ended things with Hannah Ann because of his lingering feelings for her, and masterminded the Alabama native's reunion with Peter. 

While some fans were upset by Peter's handling of his engagement to Hannah Ann, they couldn't help but praise Chris for trying to make something work for the Bachelor. 

"Chris Harrison went all the way to Alabama to hook Peter up with Maddie . That’s a f**kin wingman we all need #TheBachelor," Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino tweeted on Tuesday night. 

"Chris Harrison took it upon HIMSELF TO GO SEE MADISON! An evil genius," read another tweet. "Kris Jenner and Chris Harrison need to hangout more. The things those two would create #TheBachelor."

"'Peter doesn't know I'm here. He has no idea I'm talking to you. But I'm here to tell you...Peter is single.' Chris Harrison is the ride or die friend that stayed friends with both sides of a couple that broke up and helps to get them back together #TheBachelor," another fan wrote. 

Chris was seemingly the only source of support for Peter and Madison's relationship on Tuesday's finale, after his mother, Barbara, slammed Madison for showing up three hours late to their meeting in Australia, telling her she didn't love Peter, and that she wouldn't accept his proposal. Barbara also said she was sure Madison and Peter's romance would fail, given their different lifestyles. 

"Petition for Chris Harrison to adopt Peter #thebachelor," one fan tweeted, as others slammed Barb for so publicly coming after Madison. 

Another tweeted, "The nerve Barb had to mistreat Madi like that and to humiliate her in front of national tv. I’ve seriously had enough of Barb for today #TheBachelor."

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While fans questioned Barb's actions, even Peter said on Tuesday's episode that he knows his mom was only coming "from a place of love."

"I know their biggest worry... was you weren't there with me to where I was with you," he told Madison. "I can tell you guys I know how she feels for me, and I know how I feel for you."

Peter asked his parents to give Madison a chance and trust him. "This is someone that I love and I fell in love with... do we have differences? Yeah... but it's something I'm willing to take in stride with her, and I hope you guys can understand that," he said.

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