'Bachelorette' Alum Ali Fedotowsky Recalls 'Scary' Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Ali Fedotowsky
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Ali Fedotowsky is opening up about her skin cancer diagnosis.

During an interview that aired on Tuesday's episode of Good Morning America, the 35-year-old former Bachelorette lead revealed what led her to get her skin checked. The sit down came just days after she took to Instagram to share that she'd been diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma.

"I just had a feeling that it was not right. Like, I knew it didn't look right," she said. "It was kind of almost red and [it] hurt a little bit, so for a minute I like, 'Is it a scab? Is it a mole?' Any time the C word is used, I think it's a scary thing, but it's just so good that I paid attention to my body."

Fedotowsky admitted that, prior to her diagnosis, she was not focused on taking care of her skin.

"Not only did I go in tanning beds, not only did I lay out at the beach with no sunscreen, I was putting baby oil all over my body," she said, before adding that her two kids inspired her to be more health-conscious. 

"I think now as an adult, and now that I'm a parent especially, I care about my health so much more because I have two little people that are depending on me," she said of Molly, 3, and Riley, 1, whom she shares with her husband, Kevin Manno. 

Fedotowsky went on to encourage people to get their skin checked and take normal precautions regularly.

"It's the easiest thing ever. You pop in, they examine your body, and then if anything looks a little weird they will do a biopsy [and] send it off for testing," she said. "Sunscreen now is so important to me. My kids never leave home without it."

In her initial post, Fedotowsky revealed that she "just about fainted" after learning about her diagnosis for the first time. 

"Thankfully, the type of skin cancer I have is rarely fatal and really never fatal when you catch it early," she wrote in part. "... I’m lucky that I caught it early. Moving forward I plan on making it a priority of mine to use the best natural products on my skin and be rigorous about applying sunscreen and reminding all of you to do the same!"

Watch the video below for more on Fedotowsky.


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