'Bachelorette' Alum Gabby Windey Reveals She's Dating a Woman: 'Told You I'm a Girls Girl'

The reality star shares photos of her new love on Instagram after opening up about the romance on 'The View.'

Gabby Windey dropped some major romance news on Tuesday, revealing that she is now dating a woman. 

The Bachelorette alum took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos of herself with comedian and TV writer Robby Hoffman, including several snuggled-up shots and one of them kissing. In the caption, she wrote, "Told you I’m a girls girl!!" 

Windey also shared a video to her Instagram Story further explaining why she was going public with her new relationship. 

"Lots to say, honestly, and it's hard to get it out all right now," she admitted. "I know everyone's been really curious about who I'm dating, and thank you. You know I love to, like, stir the pot and tease, but I did want to wait until I was ready because it is a larger conversation because I'm dating a girl." 

The 32-year-old reality TV star went on to share that she and Hoffman have been together for the last three months. 

"It's been honestly, truly, like, really the best experience," she said. "I've been in a relationship like I feel like I've never had before." 

The confession came after a sit-down interview on ABC's The View, where she first revealed the news. 

"I always just want to live my life honestly and have you all along with me," she told her followers on Instagram.

She also shared a snapshot of her and Hoffman kissing backstage. 

"I think it was always a whisper in me that just got louder and louder, and I didn’t really know to pay attention to it. I think, you know, when this happens, there’s some shame, obviously, surrounding it," Windey said during her sit-down on The View. "So I think I had to, a little bit, navigate through the shame, like, what is it? Where is it coming from? But ultimately, like I said, I always just want to kind of like, do me, do what I want, figure it out later."

Joy Behar confirmed, "So is it girls now? That’s it, girls?" 

"I think so," Windey replied. "I think it’s just like, my girl. She’s the best."

Gabby Windey / Instagram

Over on her Instagram Story, Hoffman shared Windey's post and wrote, "Guys some news... I am gay." 

After hearing of Windey's new romance, Anthony Allen Ramos, GLAAD's Vice President of Communications and Talent, released a statement in praise of the reality star. 

"As one of today’s most visible reality stars from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Gabby Windey’s decision to continue to share her private life with the public as a queer woman is a key reminder to people, including the many millions who watch the franchise, that there are no rules for coming out and that everyone’s journey is different," reads the statement. "This should also be an important reminder to the industry that LGBTQ people have a place in mainstream dating and relationship shows and that we must be included."

Windey was previously engaged to Erich Schwer, with the former couple calling it quits just two months after  their engagement aired on The Bachelorette's season 19 finale. She went on to address the breakup on Dancing With the Stars in November 2022.

"I did just go through a breakup. The end of our relationship happened because we both weren't in step and in sync with each other on our common goals or just the way we approach life," she said. "We weren't each other's best match."

Windey also previously appeared on season 26 of The Bachelor, starring Clayton Echard.