'Bachelorette' Castoff Luke S. Teases There's More Concerning Luke P. Behavior Fans Didn't See

Sounds like there might be some truth to the legend of the 'Luke-ness Monster.'

It was drama, drama and more drama from Luke P. on Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette -- but according to Luke S., there may have been even more controversy left on the cutting room floor. 

Luke S., who eliminated himself early on in the episode after his feud with Luke P. (Luke P. allegedly bodyslammed him during the rugby group date, and then told Hannah Brown that Luke S. wasn't there for the right reasons), opened up about his exit on Wednesday's Strahan and Sara

Host Sara Haines quickly asked Luke S. if -- besides the lying, the alleged bodyslam and aggressive behavior -- there was anything else Luke P. did that fans didn't see on the show. "I mean, I'm only allowed to talk about certain things," Luke S. coyly replied, straight up telling Haines that he couldn't even hint at things with eye movements. While he didn't divulge details, Luke S. implied that whatever Luke P. did was enough to make staying on the show unbearable. 

"The night, the whole week, was very long, dramatic, traumatic," he shared. "When you're there in the moment, you have lots of time and opportunity to explain yourself, but the situation for me kept getting more and more hopeless." 

During an appearance on ET's Roses and Rose Live with Lauren Zima on Wednesday, castoff Connor Jenkins said he was "surprised" that Luke S. decided to quit the show over the drama. 

"I think what was good about that is you have to follow your gut and you have to follow your heart and stay true to yourself. I was proud of Luke for that," Connor expressed. "Emotions run really high in those situations, as he could tell, and maybe he felt the situation was unraveling and getting away from him." 

Hannah ended up giving Luke P. a rose -- and then a one-on-one date in Scotland. The remaining guys couldn't stop talking about their disdain for the "Luke-ness Monster" (as they called him), and the Bachelorette ended up breaking down on her date with Luke P., asking producers to intervene and tell him how to share his feelings. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Hannah telling Luke P. she couldn't give him a rose. 

According to Connor, Luke P. isn't a bad guy. "I got the chance to know Luke P. and talk to him and understand a little bit about where he's coming from. He's such a captivating character," he said. 

"The feelings he's feeling are real... He was purely there to build his connection with Hannah, and it was an approach that I don't think anyone else was taking," he continued, explaining that guys were simply rubbed the wrong way by that "approach." 

"Obviously, he has something to offer... it's hard for the guys to watch his approach work," Connor added. 

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