'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown on Why It Would Be 'Hard' to See Tyler as the 'Bachelor' (Exclusive)

"We'll find out when's a good time for both of us to hang out."

Hannah Brown is hoping she'll still get a happy ending. 

Night two of Brown's season finale of The Bachelorette saw her end her engagement to Jed Wyatt after he admitted to not breaking off his romance with another woman, Haley Stevens, before appearing on the show. On After the Final Rose, Brown admitted she wanted to "be bold," and asked out her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. 

Brown spoke with ET's Lauren Zima in New York City on Wednesday and revealed where she's at with the former Bachelorette contestant. "We saw each other after the show and gave each other hugs and see you later," she shares. "We'll find out when's a good time for both of us to hang out."

As for the level of affection she feels for Cameron, Brown says those "feelings just don't go away."

"It's only been two months ago, so my feelings just don't go away, but also we've both been hurt. I hurt him, I was hurt through that, and I was hurt through the relationship that I had," she confides. "I think it's really important that if any type of relationship is going to happen for Tyler and I, that we hang out, and just see where we're at, and if that's friends, if it's more, I'm good with that."

It's clear that Brown isn't ready to cut ties with Cameron. "I want to continue to be a part of his life, and I think he wants to be a part of mine," she says. "But at what capacity, I don't think we know just yet. But I'm excited to see him and catch up."

During her Tuesday night interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Brown hinted she did not want to see fan-favorite Cameron as the next Bachelor. "We'll see where the drinks go," she said, clearly hoping things might work out between the pair. 

In her interview with ET, she outright admits that she's not crazy about the idea of Cameron filling the role.

"I think it would be a little hard to see him as the Bachelor because there's still feelings there, but I would support him in his happiness," Brown says. "I think that the main thing is figuring out what will make both of us happy, and if that's for him to go on and to have the opportunity to be the Bachelor, I would support him in finding his happiness, just like he supported me with Jed."

When asked if she wishes she'd picked Cameron in the first place, Brown replies, "I feel bad, shoulda, coulda, woulda with a lot of things, but I do know that I held back my feelings with [Tyler] for a really long time. And in that moment, I felt everything, but I think I was scared and thought it was a little too late to be able to change my mind and be able to be engaged, but I do know that those feelings for him were real and true, and I can't change it."

Though they've yet to grab that drink, Cameron said during an interview on The Viall Files on Tuesday night that he's excited to get together with her when "there's no pressure for anything." 

"We went through a whole lot together. You know, that was a crazy journey to share and experience with somebody," he said. "And I value and cherish our relationship and our friendship and that's something I don't wanna just cut off cold turkey because it didn't work out."

"[She's] someone I would hope to have a drink with and see what happens and take it one step at a time," he added.

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