Backstreet Boys Found Out Chance the Rapper Used to Collect Their Action Figures (Exclusive)

The boy band and rapper collaborated for a fun new Super Bowl commercial.

Chance the Rapper was actually a big Backstreet Boys fan before getting the opportunity to work with them!

ET's Kevin Frazier chatted with the boy band during Super Bowl LIII Radio Row in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, where they revealed that the "No Problem" rapper -- who they collaborated with for a fun Doritos Super Bowl commercial -- collected their action figures that were sold at Burger King locations over 15 years ago.

"We are huge fans of his. We love his work and we didn't realize he was a fan of ours until we got on set," Nick Carter revealed. "We were filming with him and he was like, 'Listen, I just want to let you guys know I am a huge fan and collected your action figures."

Back in 2000, Carter teamed up with Stan Lee to create a comic book featuring the boy band as a team of superheroes called "Cyber Crusaders," with Burger King releasing action figures based on the characters.

"He was like, 'I made my mom drive around so we could get every character,' because he had to have everybody," Brian Littrell recalled.

Over the last couple of weeks, teasers of the group's commercial with Chance have been shared online. For BSB, working with the rapper was "a dream come true." "We had so much fun on set. We cannot wait for the world to see," they said.

The latest version of their TV spot featured the Chicago native remixing the band's hit single "I Want It That Way."

This isn't the first time that BSB have been a part of Super Bowl festivities. The boy band also got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem in 2001. So, would they see themselves returning for a halftime show? 

"It would be fun," Kevin Richardson said, with the rest of the guys agreeing, "We'll see what happens. It would be an honor."

Someone who is getting ready to jump onstage on Sunday during the halftime show is Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5. ET sat down with the lead singer on Thursday, where he teased what fans can expect from their performance. 

Watch below to hear what he shared. 


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