Beyoncé's Bodyguard James Plaza Is Going Viral as Fans Swoon Over His Shirtless Selfies

The member of Queen Bey's security detail went viral after he was captured during the Maryland stop of her Renaissance Tour.

All eyes may be on Beyoncé during the Renaissance World Tour -- but some eagle-eyed fans are giving a member of her security detail a second glance. 

And no, it's not her longtime head of security, Julius de Boer. 

The Bey Hive is liking what they see with a member of the singer's current security detail. On Sunday, during the tour stop at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, a concertgoer captured video of one of the security guards standing on the side of the stage in a sleek suit -- reacting to the crowd successfully going mute -- during Bey's performance of "Energy." 

"The security looked so impressed with that 'Mute' 😂," a Twitter user wrote. 

In the clip, Beyoncé performs "Energy," and in what has become one of the most viral moments of the tour, sings the line "Big wave in the room, the crowd gon' move/Look around everybody on mute." As the crowd goes silent, the security detail gives a little smirk of approval. 

Not only was the guard impressed, the GRAMMY-winning singer took to her website to declare DC the "EERBODY ON MUTE WAR WINNER."

Fans instantly took to the comments to react to how good looking the smiling security officer was. 

Following the viral clip, the internet did some investigating and located his social media.  According to his Instagram, James Plaza is a professional body builder, who loves to show off his progress. 

Judging from his bio, Plaza has racked up a handful of accolades and awards through competitions. He also shares clips from his competitions on his YouTube channel. And, even though competitions may be on pause for now, taking care of his body hasn't stopped since booking his gig with Beyoncé. 

In April, he shared a progress pic next to a note about why he isn't taking the stage to flex this year.

"Seeing people’s prep and post show posts are killing me, I would love to compete this year but being away with work for most of the year means this physique will have to do for now…. #bodybuilding #instamood #followforfollowback #dadbod #selfie #gymmotivation #maintenance #masterspro," he wrote. 

Last month, Plaza shared a shirtless video of himself running the iconic Rocky steps in Philadelphia. 

"Like a kid in a candy store, I grew up watching these movies so don’t mind me I’m just living a dream #rocky #rockybalboa #boxing #tourist #movies #80s #running #happy #smile," he captioned the video that shows him running shirtless to the top of the stairs and reenacting Sylvester Stallone's character's iconic first pump.

One thing missing from his page is any signs of a relationship, as Plaza is keeping it all business and body.

Beyoncé isn't the only person with a handsome protection detail. In May, Andy Cohen left Chrissy Teigen in a fit of giggles when he called out how "hot" her bodyguard was during What What Happens Live.

Fandoms across the globe can rest knowing their faves are being protected by some of the best (looking) in the game.