'Big Brother All-Stars': Memphis Garrett on His Biggest Regret and Relationship With Christmas (Exclusive)

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With Big Brother: All-Stars less than two weeks away from crowning the winner, the tension inside the house has been turned up to 11. Unfortunately for Memphis Garrett, who returned to play the game a second time after finishing in second place on season 10, he fell short of reaching the finals. Evicted by a 2-0 vote on Thursday, Memphis became the latest member of the jury that will help determine the winner of All-Stars.

Early on in the season, Memphis aligned with the dominant alliance, The Committee, and sought out players he felt he could manipulate or use to further his agenda or game. But when he wasn't in power, he floated into the background. His strategy worked for the most part, until the numbers dwindled in the house and the six-member alliance was forced to take each other out. With former winner Nicole Franzel the Head of Household for the week, she targeted Memphis and ally Christmas Abbott for eviction.

After he left the house, Memphis admitted to Julie Chen Moonves that he was "blindsided" by the vote. "Look, in this game, the first time I played, I didn't win much. I didn't win anything, actually, except for some vetoes. This time I came in wanting to win," he said after his eviction. "After three HOHs, I'm sure they look at me as more of a threat. So, you know, Christmas is a good player, so maybe she had some stuff she was pedaling them. But, ultimately, look, they obviously didn't see me as an asset to their game, even though I thought I was. So I'm interested to see what went down."

Because the Big Brother game has moved into the jury phase, ET was only able to ask the evictees about conversations and moments they were a part of or privy to inside the house. ET spoke with Memphis the morning after his eviction about where his game went wrong, why Enzo may have the worst shot at winning and his current relationship dynamic with Christmas.

ET: Which vote stung more: Enzo’s or Cody’s? 

Memphis Garrett: I think the vote that stung the most would probably have to be Enzo’s, and the reason why is, I think he really, really wanted to keep me in the house, but he was definitely wanting to keep Cody happy. So, he was definitely playing the game for Cody, and you could really see that. I thought he was true in his statement of wanting to keep me, so that made it worse.

During your eviction, you told the houseguests, "Good luck, you’re gonna need it." What did you mean by that?

When I said, "Good luck, you’re gonna need it," I was referring to Cody. Ultimately, I think I was a safer bet to stay in the house over Christmas, because I was gonna take him and Enzo to the final three, so at least I would’ve kept him safe next week.

Where do you think your game went wrong? 

I think my game went wrong with, obviously, trusting Enzo. I think I probably, if I would’ve changed one part of the game, I probably would’ve vetted Enzo out a little better, just to see if I could trust him, ‘cause obviously I couldn’t.

Which houseguest left in the game is doing the worst job at jury management?

I think the houseguest left doing the worst at jury management is probably Enzo. I mean, Enzo is so lighthearted and just, whatever, anything goes and I think him fluttering and not telling people the truth, like, when they’re leaving the house and they’re asking for votes and stuff like that, I think is gonna come back and bite him if he ends up in the final two.

Which juror are you least looking forward to seeing in the jury house?

(Laughs.) The juror that I’m least looking forward to seeing is… none of them! I have no problems with any of them and I look forward to spending the next, you know, week or so hanging out with them and kicking back outside of the crazy Big Brother house.

You told us before move-in that you might entertain a showmance with Christmas. What is your relationship with her now?

(Laughs.) Well first of all, to entertain a showmance, that question was pushed on me pretty hardcore before I came in and I was very adamant about not having a showmance -- that I have a beautiful, amazing woman at home. But I wanted to throw out one name for you guys and it was Christmas, and it was funny because I didn’t know she was going in the house at all and I thought it was pretty ironic when she showed up. But again, I had never met Christmas before, so I was going off of nothing, basically, besides her show. So, me and Christmas have a great relationship. We’re very similar, we’re both Sagittarius, we both have young boys. So, I have a great rapport with her and I’m sure we’ll be friends for a really long time. 

Big Brother All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS. Watch jury member Tyler Crispen's eviction interview with ET below.


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