'Big Little Lies' Fans React to Season 2 Finale Shocker -- and That Renata Moment!

Laura Dern as Renata on HBO's 'Big Little Lies'

*Caution: Spoilers Ahead!*

The second season of Big Little Lies came to an end on Sunday, and fans of the show were overcome with a mix of emotions regarding the somewhat low-key yet powerful finale.

One of the most powerful scenes of the entire season came when Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Mary Louise (Meryl Streep)faced off in court, as Mary Louise tried to get custody of her grandchildren.

During a particularly tense exchange between the pair, it was revealed that Mary Louise caused the car crash that killed her own son, Raymond, when Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) was a child. Celeste said that the aftermath, in which Mary Louise blamed Perry for the accident, led to Perry's abusive behavior.

The shocking revelation, in part, eventually led to Celeste retaining custody of her kids as Mary Louise was essentially sent packing, forced to contend with the fact that her son was an abusive monster. Meanwhile, fans had a lot of love for Celeste's courtroom smackdown and Mary Louise's comeuppance.

However, the showdown between Celeste and Mary Louise wasn't the only epic battle of the night! In fact, the most incredible obliteration of someone's entire life came when Renata (Laura Dern) finally had enough of her husband Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) after he left them bankrupt and had an affair with the babysitter.

Things went off the rails (pun very proudly intended) when Gordon boasted about being able to keep some of his man-child hobbies, like a model train set and his baseball bat collection. 

Renata had been the internet-appointed queen of season two throughout the last seven episodes, and with her explosive, smash-happy demonstration of reclaiming her sense of self and punishing her husband, she basically broke the internet with a tidal wave of support and obsession.

The episode ended with all the members of the so-called "Monterey Five" getting together in a rain-soaked street, and walking into the police station together to turn themselves in.

It was a powerful and somewhat enigmatic ending that some fans saw as a cliffhanger, while others saw it as a form of closure. Needless to say, the fact that season three hasn't been confirmed left some viewers desperate for more story.

However, many other viewers felt the show has effectively told its story, and that another season will only drag out the premise and ruin whatever good will was generated in the first two seasons.

For more on the latest season of Big Little Lies, check out the video below.


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