Laura Dern's 'Big Little Lies' Storyline Just Took a Huge Turn -- Relive Renata's Best Moments

Laura Dern as Renata on HBO's 'Big Little Lies'

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Sunday's season two, episode two of "Big Little Lies," titled "Tell-Tale Hearts."

The second episode of the second season of HBO's hit drama Big Little Lies took the Internet by storm on Sunday, with a powerhouse performance by Laura Dern as the fan favorite Renata, stealing the entire spotlight.

Tensions continued to build between Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) over the death of Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) and the truth behind the kind of person he was in his life, as well as Mary Louise and Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) who didn't like each other right off the bat.

Additionally, Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) got a visit from her mother -- who was called to the house by Nathan (James Tupper) -- and they had one of the most awkward family dinners imaginable. After Bonnie's mom pushed her a little too hard and basically predicted everything about the secrets she's keeping locked inside, Bonnie had enough and sent her away.

Meanwhile the drama comes to a head between Madeline and her husband Ed (Adam Scott) after Ed finds out that she'd cheated on him, and essentially tells her their relationship is over.

This show continues to be a complicated web of lies, half-truths and betrayals that ratchets up the intrigue every episode -- but nothing could compete with Renata's fiery dynamic with her husband, Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling), who was arrested by the FBI on charges of stock fraud and insider trading, driving a serious wedge between the pair.

With Gordon's actions having cost the couple their wealth -- the one thing Renata absolutely will not stand to lose -- it was Dern's masterful way with words and threats that stole Twitter's heart.

Here are some of the best and most memorable Renata moments that the Internet fell is love with from Sunday nights episode, "Tell-Tale Hearts," starting with her incomparable and very on-brand Gucci fanny pack.

Renata also delivered one of the most quotable lines in recent TV history when Gordon told her that he bet all their money on a gamble that didn't just fall through, but landed him behind bars.

"I will not NOT be rich," Renata screamed over the phone during a prison visit with such fury that it's amazing her glare alone didn't shatter the glass divider.

However, because Renata is the gift that keeps on giving, that gem is nearly bested by one of the most epic clapbacks ever uttered. After her husband gets out on bail and Renata driving around with him, they're listening to a song on the radio before she switches it off and Gordon says, "You used to like that song."

"I used to like to sit on your face, too. You think that'll happen again?" Renata shot back, causing the Internet to explode.

In fact, everything about Renata's driving is the stuff of legend, whether it's flipping people off through her sunroof or kicking her husband out of the car in the middle of the highway (before coming back to begrudgingly pick him back up).

Big Little Lies airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.


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