'BIP' Star Jordan Kimball 'Blown Away' by Jenna Cooper Accusing Him of Fabricating Texts (Exclusive)

Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball
Paul Hebert via Getty Images

A source tells ET that the reality star 'can't believe the situation he's wound up in.'

Jordan Kimball was just as shocked by the latest development in Jenna Cooper's text scandal as the rest of us. 

The Bachelor in Paradise star took to Instagram on Friday to share a screenshot of an apparent email from Jenna's lawyer, accusing him of fabricating the alleged leaked text messages posted to Reality Steve. Last month, the blog claimed Jenna had cheated on Jordan, and posted screenshots of text messages allegedly between Jenna and another man. 

The email Jordan posted on Friday accused him of fabricating the text messages and demanded that Jordan make a public apology to Jenna or face legal action. It's allegedly from Justin Apple, an attorney in North Carolina, where Jenna lives. ET has reached out to Apple for confirmation and comment.

A source close to Jordan tells ET that the Bachelor in Paradise star is "blown away" by the email and accusation. "It's all unbelievable to him. He doesn't even feel like he needs to say it, but of course he's telling anyone who asks that he did not do what Jenna's team is alleging," the source says. "He can't believe the situation he's wound up in and that he has to deal with this."

A second source, meanwhile, tells ET that the email is the "last nail in the coffin" in his relationship with Jenna, which he ended last month. "He's finally moving on," the source shares.

According to the source, emotions are still raw from how things ended between Jordan and Jenna, but at this point, the source claims he'd think twice about answering her phone calls. The source says Jordan has been leaning on family and friends recently -- including Bachelor in Paradise co-stars like Nick Spetsas and Connor Obrochta.

Stephen "Reality Steve" Carbone, meanwhile, tells ET in an exclusive statement: "As I've maintained from the beginning, I stand behind my reporting. Nothing Jenna posts on her Instagram, nor her lawyer's bizarre demands to Jordan or myself, change anything. The situation has become comical now with Jenna and her team grasping at straws. Jordan and I are having a good laugh at the absurdity of it all." 

As for what's next for Jordan, ET's second source says, "he'll be traveling over the next month, but hopefully he'll get some me-time. He needs a vacation." 

The source adds that he's still focusing on his modeling career, and is considering getting into acting. Amid the drama, his friends and family are really happy for him, the source shares, revealing that he has some exciting projects in the works. 

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