'Bachelor' Nation Alumni Support Jordan Kimball After Latest in Jenna Cooper Scandal


Kevin Wendt, DeMario Jackson and Bekah Martinez were just a few of the former 'Bachelor' stars to rally around Jordan.

Many Bachelor Nation alumni are standing behind the franchise's model man.

On Friday, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Jordan Kimball posted to Instagram an apparent letter from his BIP ex, Jenna Cooper's, lawyer. The letter accused Jordan of fabricating now-infamous text messages that Reality Steve posted to his blog in September; romantic text messages that Reality Steve said were between Jenna and a man other than Jordan and sent during her and Jordan's relationship. 

This new letter demanded that Jordan make a public apology to Jenna or face legal action. It's allegedly from Justin Apple, an attorney in North Carolina, where Jenna lives. ET has reached out to Apple for confirmation and comment.

In recent days, Jenna called the texts "fraudulent," said her legal team was investigating and promised a "huge twist" would be coming. "There is growing and compelling evidence pointing to who was behind this attack on me, and it is very sad," she said. 

In the comments on Jordan's Instagram post of the letter, numerous BIP co-stars and other Bachelor franchise alumni rallied around him. 

Bekah Martinez wrote, "For anyone saying that it's 'tacky' or 'petty' for Jordan to post this...he's taking the bare minimum measures to show people that Jenna and her lawyer are planning to spin this all on him, and hopefully posting this will detract them from doing so." 

Kevin Wendt, who was on this season of Paradise with Jordan, commented simply, "I love you." Kevin's girlfriend, Astrid Loch, wrote, "Where did this guy go to law school?"

Another BIP pal of Jordan's, Nick Spetsas, wrote, "Here for you per usual. Sounds like this guy is personally invested." Spetsas is an attorney himself. 

DeMario Jackson, who, in summer 2017 faced his own scandal over a Bachelor in Paradise coupling, typed, "PETTY LEVEL 10000."

Kenny King, of this summer's BIP, said, "You. Are. Hard."

Leo Dottavio, a controversial contestant in his own right on summer 2018's BIP, said, "Here for you brother."

Jordan commented on his own post, "There was a phone call as well, he chose to shout rather than speak. ... PSA -- I'm the wrong one to come sideways at." 

Jenna has not publicly commented on the apparent letter from her legal team, but has disabled comments on her own Instagram account. ET has reached out to Jenna.

Reality Steve, who says he has also been threatened with legal action by Jenna's team, gave this exclusive statement to ET: "As I've maintained from the beginning, I stand behind my reporting. Nothing Jenna posts on her Instagram, nor her lawyer's bizarre demands to Jordan or myself, change anything. The situation has become comical now with Jenna and her team grasping at straws. Jordan and I are having a good laugh at the absurdity of it all." 

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