'BiP' Star Jenna Cooper Calls Out 'Fraudulent' Texts, Says Leaker's Identity Will Be 'a Huge Twist'

Jenna Cooper
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Jenna Cooper is getting ready to reveal "a huge twist" about those leaked texts!

The Bachelor in Paradise star was thrust into controversy last month when Reality Steve released text messages that appeared to be from her. The texts seemed to suggest that Cooper was cheating on Jordan Kimball, her fiance at the time, and was using him to grow her business. They also appear to show that she planned to break up with him and "make up some story to make him look bad." 

Cooper, who has always maintained her innocence, has since hired a lawyer to look into what she calls "fraudulent" messages. On Monday, the reality star took to Instagram, claiming that the "forensic analysis of my electronic devices and iCloud account prove that the fraudulent text messages posted by 'Reality' Steve were not mine."

"There is growing and compelling evidence pointing to who was behind this attack on me, and it is very sad," Cooper wrote alongside a selfie. "Given the legal issues and ongoing investigation, I am delaying posting the forensic data until the investigation is fully completed."

She continued, "One thing is for sure, there is a huge twist and it is killing me keeping it quiet while the investigation is completed. You WILL be hearing more about this in the next few weeks, but I am going to attempt to start moving on with my life. #TheWaitIsWorthIt #JusticeServedCold"

The post generated thousands of comments within hours, some of which, according to Cooper, were about her appearance. Cooper later took to the comments section to fight back against those messages, telling her followers that she's "100% sure you wouldn't want me to come back and analyze your face or body."


Cooper continued discussing body positivity in a second post on Monday.

"I like my expressive eyebrows, I like wearing bathing suits and being proud of myself, I like being a little extra, I like being independent and strong, I like my highlights, I like my sense of humor, and I also even like having some filler in my lips," she wrote alongside a pic of herself in a red-and-white striped swimsuit, which she said had "no photoshop or airbrush," adding: "I have nothing to hide, and I must have done something right to deserve the amount of time some of you are investing. My mistake was trusting the wrong people. And thank you to those of you who are sweet and supportive❤️I’m going to start posting only for you anyways! #CheersToStartingOver"

The denial is nothing new for Cooper, whose six Instagram posts since the scandal have been related to her side of the story. Her initial post called the messages "completely fabricated" and revealed that she was looking into "all legal remedies."

Her next post was a lengthy note to her loved ones, specifically Kimball. "And to Jordan, I am sorry that horrible people have used fabricated, hateful efforts to come between us," she wrote in part. "I promise you that the truth will be set free in the coming weeks, and it will unquestionably be to your satisfaction."

The following post gave the first update on Cooper's legal case, claiming that Stephen Carbone (Reality Steve's legal name) was unwilling to provide the original files of the texts and was continuing to "protect his source."

It appears that Cooper received some answers last week, declaring in another post that "forensic analysis are in." As part of a lengthy note -- and an announcement that she was sharing the results with Kimball first -- Cooper wrote in part, "I am standing up for myself and any woman who has ever been mistreated, overpowered, sexualized, or made to feel unworthy of sharing her story."

Following the release of the texts, a source told ET that Kimball "feels like he doesn't know the real Jenna."

"Jordan is shocked by the report," the source added of Kimball, who eventually ended his engagement to Cooper. "They were long distance and a few things had raised his suspicions early on, but he moved forward. It's a really strange spot for him to be in; they just spent time together recently. Frankly, he's disgusted."

Watch the video below for more on Kimball's reaction to the cheating report:


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