'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jordan Kimball Admits He 'Got Played' By Jenna Cooper

Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball
Paul Hebert via Getty Images

During an interview on Reality Steve's podcast on Wednesday, Jordan got real about what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Jordan Kimball is continuing to process what happened between him and Jenna Cooper.

In a new interview on Reality Steve's podcast, shared on Wednesday, the Bachelor in Paradise star revealed that he "forgives" his former fiancee amid cheating allegations, and is open to meeting up with her.  

"I feel like we went through a lot together, and we had a milestone in each other's lives," Jordan expressed. "I gave her my heart. I thought she gave me hers, and I feel like we owe each other that closure, to see each other and talk in person."

"I'm not going to state that it's happening right now. I don't know when it would happen, or if that's even up for discussion right now" he continued. "I don't know how she feels, but I'm remaining extremely civil. In the most uncomfortable way, I am here for her, because she is really going through a tough time. I have forgiven her, and it hurts me to even have to forgive her because that means that I've accepted that this has happened."

Bachelor Nation hasn't been able to keep their eyes off the pair's recent breakup, as their relationship exploded just hours after their engagement aired on Paradise's season five finale on Tuesday. Just hours before the Paradise finale, a Reality Steve report claimed Jenna had been cheating on Jordan, and posted screenshots of text messages allegedly between Jenna and another man. On Wednesday morning, Jordan announced on Instagram that he had ended their relationship.

Not necessarily closing the door completely on reconciliation, Jordan told Reality Steve that he's not sure how she'll prove the text messages wrong.

"She's just been denying it. She's been telling me that's she's going to prove it all wrong," he explained. "And she's asked me if I'm going to be there for her, and it's like, look, you've got to prove it wrong first. ... I think it's awful that she's getting attacked by America right now. I don't think anyone deserves that. But also, her initial reaction to all this makes me believe it's true, and I also didn't deserve to have the things said about me that were said."

"I got played," Jordan also stated during the podcast. "It's looking like I got played, and once you got played, the last thing you want to do is get fooled as well. So right now I have to take myself away from this until it's proven otherwise. And with all this information, the likeliness of that, it's the detail and everything, this makes no sense that this could be someone framing her. It's a lot to take in. It's been a very short amount of time. I'm thankful for all the support and everything. I teared up today just because I care about her, and I don't want to see her hurt. At the same time, there's not a lot I can do for this. There's not really much I can do at all."

Meanwhile, Jenna also spoke out on Wednesday, claiming that the texts were "completely fabricated." She said she didn't cheat on Jordan, and that she had hired an attorney "to punish those responsible."

For now, a source told ET on Wednesday that Jordan is taking things "one day at a time."

"He has an upcoming trip planned for a few days," the source revealed. "Hopefully that will keep his mind off things… With her taking legal action, hopefully, that will give him clarity."

For more on the drama between the two, watch the video below.