'BiP' Stars Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty's Relationship 'Extremely Rocky' Post-Engagement (Exclusive)

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Is another Bachelor in Paradisecouple nearing a split? 

Fans are speculating that Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty may have broken up following their historic engagement on season six of the ABC dating show. A source close to the situation tells ET that the pair's relationship has been "extremely rocky."

It's been weeks since Burnett and Haggerty -- Bachelor Nation's first same-sex couple -- posted a photo of each other on social media; their last pics together were shared on Sept. 19, two days after the Bachelor in Paradise finale. "I can’t get over how STUNNING my future wifey is ?," Haggerty wrote at the time. 

Burnett wrote, "Love whoever the hell you want ?," on her post. 

Breakup rumors intensified this week, when Burnett shared a sexy bikini shot to Instagram -- which prompted Haggerty's sister, Caitlin, to comment, "Not desperate at all.."  

Burnett and Haggerty -- who were gifted a Bali honeymoon by Ellen DeGeneres during Burnett's Sept. 20 appearance on the talk show -- couldn't have seemed more in love while speaking with ET after Bachelor in Paradise's season six finale taping. They expressed interest in tying the knot in a televised wedding in Mexico next year, but noted they were happy to just date each other for a while.   

"Bachelor World moves fast, but then the engagement, that's whenever people actually, like, take the time to be slow about it," Burnett said. "Like, let's be normal for a bit and date and have fun, and then the wedding will come."

"It's insane how we're so different, but it just works so well. I'm so blunt and bold and all kinds of things, and she's so gentle and understanding and so sweet and soft," Burnett gushed, after struggling with her issues surrounding PDA on BiP. "It's just like a perfect balance."

Burnett revealed on the season six premiere of Paradise that she was queer and had been casually dating a woman. Haggerty knew early on that Burnett planned to go to Paradise and explore her sexuality, and Burnett realized after dating Derek Peth on the show that her heart was still with Haggerty. Production surprised Burnett with Haggerty on the beach, where they got engaged on the season finale.  

"When she left [for Paradise], I had a feeling it was basically over, so I wasn't really sure, but my feelings were so strong when she was gone," Haggerty told ET. "So, when I got the call [to come to Mexico], I was just excited to talk to her. I just wanted to tell her all the realizations of my feelings and how I felt. I wanted to see her and just tell her how I was feeling at the time."

See more on the couple in the video below. 


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