Blac Chyna Says She Now Has 50/50 Custody With Rob Kardashian and Tyga, Talks Wanting More Kids (Exclusive)

Blac Chyna and her new boyfriend Derrick Milano spoke exclusively with ET about their connection and their future plans.

It's all about the kids for Angela White! The 35-year-old model and TV personality, who previously went by the stage name Blac Chyna, and her new boyfriend, Derrick Milano, open up to ET about their life together with Angela's kids -- King Cairo, 11, and Dream Kardashian, 6. 

Angela is excited to now have 50/50 custody of her kids, whom she shares with exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian, respectively. 

"We have structure. I think structure's key," Angela tells ET's Deidre Behar of her co-parenting relationships with her famous exes. 

"I fought my way through it. It's done. I'm so excited. You have no idea," she says of winning her half of the custody of her kids. "[It's working] splendid. I'm in a better place, my kids. Having a structure for me and stability for me, is everything for me. Now everything else is going to trickle down because our foundation is strong."

Angela also notes that while her kids know Derrick, he also makes himself scarce to allow her to have some quality time with her kids on her set days. 

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"Yeah, they definitely know Derrick, but sometimes just being in a relationship, a new relationship with a male, women they tend to cater more to the male, and that's just never my thing," Angela explains. "My kids are my kids, they came from me."

That quality time is the most important thing for Angela, who says she never asked her exes for child support. 

"I just want time with my kids. And by all means, if I'm going to have to go to court and fight for it, that's just what I'm going to do," she shares. "And I'm really happy. I'm happy, the kids are happy, but most importantly, it's about the kids."

The former reality star has been on a journey of self-improvement, celebrating 16 months of sobriety, getting in shape, reversing some of her cosmetic procedures, and more. 

"I want to be somebody that they're proud of," Angela notes of her kids. 

As for whether she'd want to one day have more children with Derrick, the two certainly seem open to the idea. 

"I feel like everyone around us says it more than we say it," Angela quips of her family's pressure for her to tie the knot with Derrick. "We're still building and still getting to know each other and it's been smooth."

But Derrick tells ET he "100 percent" wants to propose one day and "absolutely" wants children.  

The couple originally met in 2019 but reconnected last year. 

"I'm out here wanting to date to marry," Derrick admits of his plans. "Her heart is number one. Just outside of her just being a giving person, the love that she has for not only herself but the people around her, but the love for her goals, her passions, her career is different. She's consistent in everything." 

And as for Angela, she is taken with how Derrick treats everyone in his life. 

"I like that he's consistent with things, whether it's family, friends, business," she explains. "I like how he treats people around me -- myself, my kids, my staff -- because it doesn't matter who it is that's around, he gives everybody that same respect." 

And Derrick has already impressed one important person in Angela's life -- her mom, Tokyo Toni, whose real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter. 

"My mom loves Derrick. My mom didn't like anybody that I dated, not one person," Angela says of her mom's take on her exes. 

As for more kids, Angela admits she has broached the subject with her own children. 

"I think I said something to Dream one time, like, 'Dream, would you want a little brother or sister?' And Dream was like, 'No,'" Angela quips of her youngest child, noting that sometimes Dream changes her mind. "She'll be like, 'Well, I would maybe want a little brother, that way he'll be really nice to me.'" 

Angela also gave some insight into her views on more kids while talking about no longer planning to go under the knife. 

"I feel like the only time I'll have to get surgery again is if I have our babies," she says, turning to Derrick. "I actually had two C-sections, so that's the only surgery." 

"I definitely feel lighter, I feel better. I'm just so past that. It's like, really, let me show you who I am," she says of reversing her procedures. 

One of the main reasons behind Angela's focus on health is her goal of being there for her kids. 

"I wanna be running around with my grandkids and my great grandkids," she says. 

So in the wake of her surgeries and cosmetic reversals, Angela has teamed up with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hooman Melamed, to discuss safe ways to work out post-surgery. The two showed off some safe moves at THE LAB Athletic Club, sharing tips on form in fitness. 

"The critical thing is the form. I always tell people [go] lighter [in weight] but perfect form is better than if you're heavy and jerky and things like that," Dr. Melamed explains. 

As for her goals for the year, Angela says, "My focus right now is acting and music and my family and working out and sobriety and the Bible." 


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