Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Have 'Endless Chemistry Between Them,' Source Says

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have an incredibly strong connection, a source tells ET.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had an incredibly strong connection from the start, a source tells ET.

The 44-year-old actor and the 32-year-old singer had viewers stunned at the Oscars on Sunday, thanks to their intense performance of "Shallow" together. But despite some fans wishing the two would get together in real life, Cooper is in a relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk, and one source close to Gaga tells ET the co-stars have kept it professional from the start when working on A Star Is Born together.

"They are both very hard-working, driven people and during the making of the film, had a very professional work relationship," the source says. "From the moment they began collaborating with each other, people on the set saw how connected they were, which is why everyone wants their relationship to be real. There is endless chemistry between them.”

"When they're together, they complete each other sentences," the source continues. "They are creatively so in tune with one another and seem to have a total intuition with one another.”

The source confirms Cooper and 33-year-old Shayk are still very much together. The couple has been dating since 2015, and share 1-year-old daughter Lea together.
"Bradley is warm and wonderful -- and very taken!" the source notes. "He is an honest guy and who is in a relationship and everyone has gotten very carried away with the gossip."

"The Oscars fueled their love story even more," the source adds. "But what really happened behind the scenes of the Oscars was a sweet conversation between the two of them. Lady Gaga thanked Bradley for making her dream of becoming a movie star come true, and Bradley thanked Gaga for making him a rock star.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Cooper echoes that the actor's relationship with Shayk is solid. 

“Irina is with him a lot. She comes out all the time and they are really sweet together," the source says. "Bradley is caring and conscious of her feelings. He doesn't want Irina to feel uncomfortable and she seems totally secure with their relationship.”

Indeed, Shayk and Gaga were snapped warmly hugging at the Oscars, proving that there's no drama between them. 

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Our second source continues, "There is no doubt Bradley and Lady Gaga have sparked romance rumors but they're just close friends who absolutely loved working with each other."

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-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz