Braxton Sisters Break Down How They Moved Past Strike Drama to Return to 'Family Values' (Exclusive)

ET spoke with all five sisters to figure out how they moved beyond their Iyanla Vanzant-fueled fight on 'Braxton Family Values.'

Iyanla didn’t fix their life, but that’s OK.

The last time Braxton Family Values fans saw Toni, Towanda, Traci, Trina and Tamar on screen together, they were locked in a tense family therapy session with Fix My Life host Iyanla Vanzant. The multi-episode sit-down brought out some shocking secrets, including Tamar’s revelation that she was molested as a child. It also seemed to only cause more tension within the family, which was already at war over contract negotiations for the show. Toni, Towanda, Trina and Tamar all went on strike from BFV, while Traci continued to film the WE tv series, much to her sisters’ dismay. But now, the family tells ET they’re moving forward, together.

"I'm just really glad that everybody's in a better place," Tamar tells ET. "I love WE tv, and I am excited about our new ventures, and the new relationships. I mean, look, we've been together for a long time, and so, that's expected with any sort of long relationship. So, we're back. And better than ever."

ET spoke with all five Braxton sisters at the Braxton Family Values season six premiere event at the Doheny Room in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Technically, it was a make-up red carpet, as the entire family, minus Traci, skipped out on the original party back in August 2018.

"Ooh, I'm still having issues with that!" Traci confesses. "It's a [never]-ending battle right now. So, you know, we're just trying to respect each other's boundaries and just, you know, try to work along with each other, because everybody has differences in what they want in business."

The family does consider the show a business.

"We're still a work in progress," Towanda admits. "We're working every day to get better every day, and I just think the one thing that I pulled from this situation is, everything in life is about a choice. Everything in life! You're either gonna be sad or happy, so I'm making the choice to be happy… today."

"We're family and that's our model," Toni explains. "In the end, we always figure it out, even if we're not loving each other at that moment, we'll always love each other."

"I'm the oldest so, you know, I'm the one that kinda tries to put it all together all the time," she adds. "But we just love each other, we fight hard -- I mean, really hard -- but we love hard."

"Everything is about forgiveness and moving forward," Trina weighs in. "You know, we're getting older now and ever since my ex-husband, Gabe, passed away, I just realized how short life is. You know, the foolishness is just unnecessary and as long as we have breath in our bodies, there's always time to make amends and reach resolve."

Tamar credits the family reconciliation to "the holy ghost."

"I just feel like everybody had to go back to the basics," she says. "Like, remember why we signed up for this in the first place. It was a lot of things that was, like, produced, overproduced and overdone and that I was definitely not here for, 'cause it was all about Tamar and Tamar ratting out this one, that one... I had no idea of that! 'Cause that's really not what I do. I say my piece and keep it moving. It's all friendship after that."

"As long as we can show something that's gonna help another family, then it makes it worth it for us to continue to do it," Towanda adds.

Braxton Family Values returns with all-new episodes on WE tv starting Thursday, April 4, at 9 p.m. ET.