Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Find Peace in Hawaii, See It as a 'Sacred Place,' Source Says

'It's their sacred place as a couple,' a source tells ET.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's recent trip to Hawaii was just what they needed. A source tells ET that the couple jetted off to the tropical location amid Britney's feud with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

The Spears sisters have been at odds amid the release of Jamie Lynn's memoir, Things I Should've Said.

While promoting her book, Jamie Lynn appeared on Spotify's Call Her Daddy podcast and spoke about growing up with her famous sister, Britney's romances with Justin Timberlake and Jason Alexander, and an alleged incident with a knife that Britney denied.

"The second that Jamie Lynn’s interview with Call Her Daddy happened, Britney knew she wanted to get away," the source says. "Britney and Sam planned a trip to Hawaii to get a change of scenery shortly after. Britney felt overwhelmed and needed an escape."

"Britney and Sam both felt like it was a good time for them to get out of town and spend time together just the two of them," the source adds of the engaged pair. "They really love their alone time and feel most at peace in Hawaii. It's their sacred place as a couple."

After part one of Jamie Lynn's Call Her Daddy interview was released, Britney sent her sister a cease and desist letter, calling on Jamie Lynn to stop "referencing Britney derogatorily" in interviews and threatening further legal action if she refused.

Jamie Lynn responded with a letter of her own, calling out Britney for her "vile" social media posts, and claiming that her book "is not about Britney." The younger Spears also appeared on a follow-up episode of Call Her Daddy, and shared a text that she allegedly sent both Britney and Sam in 2020, in an effort to prove that she tried to help her sister get out of her conservatorship.

"He really hates that Jamie Lynn involved him by bringing him up in her Call Her Daddy interview," the source says of Sam. "He feels very protective over Britney and also himself."

Through it all, though, the source says that "Sam has been Britney's rock through everything," adding that he "is used to being her support system behind the scenes."

"Britney and Sam are both trying to focus on the good in their lives and stay positive," the source says, "but Jamie Lynn's interview really upset both of them."

Amid all the drama, a source previously told ET that "Jamie Lynn has genuinely always wanted the best for Britney and she loves Britney with all of her heart, despite their complicated relationship."