Britney Spears' Husband Sam Asghari Gives Update on His Mother After She's Rushed to Emergency Room

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Britney Spears' mother-in-law was taken to the hospital after being involved in a major accident.

Sam Asghari's mother, Fatima Asghari, is recovering after an accident landed her in the emergency room.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old actor, who is married to Britney Spears, took to his Instagram Stories to thank the staff at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treating his mother following the incident.

While he didn't specify what happened, Sam did say the accident was major.

"A huge thank you to the staff @cedarssinai emergency medical staff," Sam wrote over a photo of the hospital's logo. "My mother was involved in a major accident. She was taken to the emergency room."

Luckily, Sam revealed his mother is on the mend, and is resting following the incident thanks to the hospital staff and the help of some thoughtful friends.

"With the amazing help of the medical staff and some friends she's doing OK and resting it off," he added.

On Monday, Sam posted a pic of himself and his mom with an update on her health. "I'm so Grateful for the love and support you guys had during Mama Asghari's recovery after the accident. Sending a huge thank you to the amazing medical staff at Cedars-Sinai ER," he wrote. "Moments like these remind us of life's preciousness. Taking a social media break to prioritize what truly matters. See you very soon."

The post comes not long after Sam spoke out on his wife's behalf after she was involved in an incident with NBA star Victor Wembanyama's security guard, Damian Smith, after she tapped him on the shoulder at Las Vegas' ARIA Hotel.

According to Britney, the security guard allegedly "backhanded" her in the face.

Sam also called out the security guard and took to his Instagram Story to address the situation, writing in a since-deleted post, "The violent behavior of an out-of-control security guard should not cast a shadow on the accomplishment of a great young man on the rise... The blame should fall on the coward who did this, the people who hired him without proper vetting, and a systemic culture of disregard for women within sports and entertainment."

The "Sometimes" singer also spoke out about the incident, and while she called it "super embarrassing" at first, she ultimately said she's still a fan of the basketball player.

"I've been working in the industry for years and have been with some of the most famous people in the world … NSYNC at one point were like The Beatles … girls would throw themselves at them everywhere we went … not one time in my life has a security guard ever hit another person !!!" Britney captioned her lengthy post.

Britney was adamant that she's not playing the victim by sharing her point of view, and also praised the people who "swarmed" around her in the aftermath and helped her, including her husband, who was on hand during the incident.

"[They] made me feel like I mattered !!!" she wrote. "I wasn’t aware of that at the time … all people could hear was me saying f**k you all … which was WAY BETTER THAN HITTING HIM BACK 🙄🙄 🙄 !!!"

Britney noted that she's "still a huge fan of the NBA player."

"It’s not his fault his security hit me … s**t happens !!!" she shared. "I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday !!!"

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told ET they have concluded the investigation of the alleged battery incident between Britney and the security guard for Victor, and said that no charges will be filed against the security guard involved.