BTS' Jimin Reacts to Ryan Gosling Gifting Him His 'Barbie' Guitar for Stealing His Ken Style: See the Exchange

Jimin got the ultimate gift after the 'Barbie' star surprised him with a guitar for 'copying' the BTS member's look.

A full-circle Barbie moment! On Monday, BTS member Jimin happily received Ryan Gosling's Barbie gift -- Ken's prized guitar -- after the actor jokingly issued a mea culpa of sorts for "borrowing" one of the singer's signature looks from the Permission to Dance music video.

"Hi Ryan and hi Ken, it's Jimin. Congrats on your big release. My fans are excited to see your video so thank you so much," Jimin said in the video he posted to his Instagram on Monday, before giving credit to Gosling's PTD-inspired cowboy outfit. "I could see that you look great in my outfit."

"Thank you for this guitar. I really love it and I look forward to watching Barbie," the 27-year-old singer closed his adorable message as he strummed the Ken-ified guitar. "Go Barbie!"

Jimin's long-awaited video was in response to Gosling's message last week, where the actor admitted his Barbie character, Ken, may have "stolen" the BTS member's style.

"I noticed that your Permission to Dance outfit was the same as my Ken outfit in the upcoming movie Barbie," Gosling said, alongside a side-by-side comparison of their cowboy 'fits. "I have to give it to you, you wore it first. You definitely wore it best."

"And there's an unspoken Ken code that if you bite another Ken's style, you have to give them your most prized possession," the 42-year-old actor shared. "So, I hope you'll accept Ken's guitar as my humble offering. Besides, Ken doesn't really play anyways so it'll be much better in your hands."

The exchange between Jimin and Gosling has even sweeter significance aside from two talents giving props where props is due.

Jimin has expressed several times over the years his love for Gosling's romantic movie, The Notebook, which co-stars Rachel McAdams.

In early 2022, the "Like Crazy" singer revealed on Weverse -- the main forum BTS members use to communicate with fans -- that he watched the 2004 film, adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel, for the seventh time. 

We love the mutual Ken respect!

Barbie opened with $155 million at the domestic box office and had one of the biggest first weekends of the year. The movie, which stars Margot Robbie and is directed by Greta Gerwig, earned $337 million globally.