Cara Delevingne Calls For Trans and Women's Rights in British Vogue's Pride Issue

The 29-year-old actress also talked about the importance of representation and what it means to her.

Cara Delevingne is opening up about trans rights, women's rights and the importance of representation.

In a new interview with British Vogue for its August Pride Issue, the 29-year-old actress called on everyone to get involved regardless of whether they're part of the LGBTQ+ community.

"Trans rights, women’s rights, they’re all human rights," she said. "This isn’t about, ‘Oh, it’s not my job because I’m not part of the community.’ It’s all of our jobs to stand up for each other."

The Only Murders in the Building star was among a slew of public figures interviewed for the Pride Issue. During a behind the scenes video shared on British Vogue's Instagram account, the actress also opened up about what representation means to her. She also touched on the fact that she never "really came out."

"The importance of representation to me, in the industry and the world at large, is that people need to see people like them," she said. "Growing up, I didn’t really see many people like me, so I’m just really grateful to be able to be one of those people representing. I never really came out. It was more that I just decided that I was done with being ashamed for who I loved. And so for me it was more just being like, love is love and we should be able to love who we want."

Back in June 2020, the actress opened up about her sexuality in an interview with Variety for Pride Month.

"I always will remain, I think, pansexual," Delevingne shared, meaning that she is attracted to a person regardless of their sex or gender identity. "However one defines themselves, whether it's 'they' or 'he' or 'she,' I fall in love with the person -- and that's that. I'm attracted to the person." 

Delevingne came out as bisexual in 2015 and shared in 2018 that she identifies as gender-fluid. The model was in a relationship with Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, but they split up after nearly two years of dating. 

"I've always felt bad for anyone I've ever been in a relationship with," Delevingne told Variety at the time. "It's very hard to maintain the normality in it. I think it's why I tend to keep my private life a lot more private now, because that public thing can actually ruin a lot of things."