Cardi B and T.I. Talk 'Rhythm + Flow' and React to Super Bowl Halftime Show Rumors With Jennifer Lopez

Cardi B and 'Rhythm + Flow' co-star T.I. opened up to ET about their exciting new Netflix reality competition series.

For someone as outspoken and brazen as Cardi B, the rapper-turned-actress has one amazing poker face.

ET's Nischelle Turner sat down with Cardi, alongside her Rhythm + Flow co-star T.I., on Thursday, and she opened up about her recent big-screen debut in Hustlers, where she starred alongside Jennifer Lopez.

"I want to do more," the rapper said, admitting however, that filming a movie is a lot harder than filming her upcoming Netflix reality competition series. "I had fun when I was doing the TV series, [but] doing Hustlers, it was like such a long, dragging day."

"It's hard work," T.I., a rapper-turned-actor himself, chimed in, agreeing with his co-star. "It's a different level of satisfaction as a creative."

One thing a lot of her fans are hoping to see is Cardi and Jennifer Lopez teaming up again on another project -- and Lopez just so happens to have something lined up for herself in the near future: the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

When asked if Cardi would possibly consider making an appearance on-stage with Lopez during her number at the big game, Cardi couldn't help but just laugh, coyly avoiding the question.

When pressed on whether or not she'd even consider it, Cardi proved just how close she can play her cards to her chest. The rapper stayed totally silent, just looking straight ahead and not betraying an answer one way or another.

While America will have to wait and see what Lopez and her co-headliner, Shakira, have planned for the hotly-anticipated performance, fans only have to wait a few more days for the premiere of Netflix's new reality competition show, Rhythm + Flow.

The series features Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper who search the country for some promising hip-hop artists who could be future stars. The show is meant to showcase undiscovered artists -- from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City -- as they strive to develop their career.

When it comes to what they feel, as judges, are some of the most important qualities when it comes contestants, Cardi didn't pull any punches.

"For me, looks," Cardi said. "Looks sell."

"This is true," T.I. admitted, adding, "but we've seen some cats that came in, they looked like stars and sounded like s**t."

"[Also] the voice," Cardi said, referring to another important factor for contestants. "Because a lot of people could rap, but some people just don't have that voice people want to hear for a long time."

"Audibly, it has to be in the frequency that's pleasurable to the ear," T.I. added.

The season's first four episodes premiere on Netflix on Oct. 9, and the second week of episodes drop Oct. 16, with the final episodes to be released Oct. 23.