Carrie Underwood Cries Pretty After Winning 5th Female Vocalist of the Year Trophy at 2018 CMA Awards

The pregnant country superstar and CMAs co-host gave a tearful acceptance speech during Wednesday's awards show.

Carrie Underwood had an emotional night at this year's CMA Awards.

While the "Cry Pretty" singer spent most of the night alongside Brad Paisley as they hosted the show, she was brought to tears when called to accept the winner of the Female Vocalist of the Year award.

Underwood was already wiping away tears from her eyes as she came from backstage to accept the award, which marked her fifth win in the category, and her voice was heavy with genuine emotion as she shared her appreciation for the honor.

"I have been blessed with so much in my life, while still, every day, trying to figure out what [I've done] to deserve it," the pregnant songstress said, as she tried to keep from crying with joy while cradling the special award.

"Thank you God, thank you family, thank you country music, thank you country music family," Underwood said,  "It's all about family around here."

Underwood, who is pregnant with her and husband Mike Fisher's second child, beautifully showed off her burgeoning baby bump throughout the night, and it's clear that the idea of family was on her mind all evening, even before she won.

"I have so many incredible friends that I am lucky enough to work with that are absolutely amazing," Underwood shared with the crowd. "This means so much. Thank you!"

Earlier in the evening, Underwood brought the audience to their feet with an amazing performance of her single, "Love Wins." Draped in a royal blue gown, the singer stole the spotlight entirely with her breathtaking number.

At the start of the show, Underwood made headlines when she and Paisley revealed the sex of her forthcoming baby during the opening monologue.

In order to get Underwood to spill her secret, Paisley bombarded her with questions about it until she just snapped.

"Seriously, Carrie, gimme a little baby hint. Johnny or June? Keith or Nicole? Garth or Trisha? Tim or Faith?" Paisley said, listing off few pairs of classic male and female country duos before getting to "Waylon or Willie," referring to to Waylon Jennings or Willie Nelson, both male country icons.

"That doesn't even make sense!" Carrie shot back, as Paisley continued to pester her for an answer. "Oh my god! Willie! It's a Willie!"

If it's not just a part of their comedy bit, it sounds like Underwood and Fisher have another little boy on the way! The couple are already parents to 3-year-old son, Isaiah.

Check out the video below for a look at Underwood's baby bump, which was on full display at this year's CMA Awards.