Carrie Underwood Gives Fans a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Colorful 'Love Wins' Music Video

The country songstress shared an exclusive look at the making of her powerful and prismatic video.

Carrie Underwood is bringing fans behind-the-scenes of her vibrantly prismatic music video for her powerful single, "Love Wins."

While the music video was released in September, Underwood is just now giving an inside look at the making of the stunning production, which was filmed in Nashville, Tennesse, over the summer.

In this fun exclusive -- filmed during the second day of the music video's two-day production -- Underwood opens up about working with director Shane Drake, whom she collaborated with for her "Dirty Laundry" music video in 2016.

"I've worked with Shane Drake before. His vibe, his energy, he is a very energetic director and we all felt like he would just be such a great fit for this song and this video," Underwood shared from set. "I know he's gonna make it look fantastic."

The video was shot at The Fontanel Estate -- which was once the home of country music icon Barbara Mandrell -- and features a huge cast of extras from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who all came together for the song's powerful message of acceptance, love and finding happiness.

"We really wanted to drive our point across about different people coming from different places," Underwood shared. "We got a big, diverse, amazing group of people who all live here in Nashville"

One of the most memorable moments from the effervescent video comes when everyone joins together for a massive celebration, featuring multi-colored powders that rain down on the revelers, in a moment reminiscent of traditional Indian Holi festivals.

For Underwood, having everyone covered in a rainbow of colors was the perfect visual metaphor for what she felt was the message behind the song.

"You can't tell anything about anybody. There are no defining characteristics about anybody. By the end of tonight, we will all look the same," Underwood reflected on the scene they were getting ready to film. "We won't know where we're coming from or where we're going. We're just gonna be one big colorful mess."

Back in November, Underwood performed "Love Wins" live at the 2018 Country Music Association Awards, where she looked absolutely angelic in a royal blue gown that accepted her burgeoning baby bump.

Underwood, who took home her fifth Female Vocalist of the Year award during the ceremony, absolutely stole the spotlight with her incredible performance. Check out the video below for more.



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