Cat Deeley on Whether Her Family Is Complete After Welcoming Baby No. 2 (Exclusive)

The 'SYTYCD' host also opens up about how 2-year-old son Milo is adjusting to being a big brother.

Cat Deeley's one happy mama. 

ET's Deidre Behar spoke with the 41-year-old host after last Monday's season 15 finale of So You Think You Can Dance, where she couldn't help but gush about how the gig is the perfect job for a mom of two young boys -- and she revealed whether her family is complete after welcoming son James in June

"I think so," Deeley said when asked if she and husband Patrick Kielty were stopping at two kids. "I think that's the greatest thing you can possibly happen in your life, is someone calling you mama. It doesn't have to be your biological child, it doesn't have to be a boy, it doesn't have to be a girl, it doesn't have to be.. just anyone calling you mama is a real, real pleasure."

Deeley's dedication to being a mom is one of the reasons she loves hosting SYTYCD. "This is literally the best job ever for me. I get to, for half a day, that's all I'm away from my babies for. I go, 'For half a day, Mommy is going to put some makeup on and some very silly shoes and she'll be back just after bath time,' and that's what we do. It's amazing," she raved. "It means that I get to do something that I love and I get to take care of my babies too. And with people I absolutely love working with, so, yeah, it's a dream."

One thing that takes a little longer, however, is Deeley's time in the makeup chair, as she admitted that baby James has interrupted her sleep schedule just a bit. 

"Sometimes there's a few wakeups during the night. I have a little Houdini who loves to get out of his swaddle, so he's three and a half months now, and I keep trying to wrap him up like a little baby burrito as tight as I can," she explained. "He's like a little Houdini, literally trying to move his arms all the time, so there's a few wakeups. But seriously, I get quite excited, I get so excited to see him that it doesn't make any difference to me."

The host's older son, 2-year-old Milo, also gets excited over his baby brother. 

"He really is [enjoying being a big brother] now. He just realized he can basically do anything to the little one and the little one can't do anything back," Deeley revealed. "Right now, his favorite thing is putting his bunny on his head and James just looks... and smiles but he's seriously thinking, 'Wait til I get bigger, you are going to get a bunch of 5s. Your time is coming!'"

Deeley has been open with fans -- and ET -- as she prepared to become a mom of two. See more in the video below.