'CBS Mornings' Anchor Gayle King Goes to 'Good Morning America' to Celebrate Robin Roberts' Bachelorette Party

Gayle King left her anchor desk early to walk across the street and celebrate Robin Roberts and her bride-to-be.

Gayle King had a special assignment that caused her to leave her desk at CBS Mornings a little early!

On Wednesday, the host of the morning show was noticeably absent from the final 20 minutes of the broadcast and had a sweet reason. The 68-year-old veteran anchor made her way from 1515 Broadway to ABC's Good Morning America studio across the street so that she could attend longtime friend Robin Roberts' live bachelorette party.

While walking across the street to the studio, King had a pink bag in her hand for Roberts and her soon-to-be wife, Amber Laign. King quipped that she had a very good reason to go celebrate on the other side, as she and Roberts have been friends since meeting in 1994. Plus, she couldn't miss a party.

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Inside GMA's studio, Roberts took a moment to acknowledge King as she joined the party.

"Dude, can we say that Gayle King has made her way here?" Roberts said as the studio clapped. "I mean, come on, she's a little busy in the mornings too. For her to make the time to be here means a lot."

King added, "I'm so glad to be here." 

Wednesday's Good Morning America broadcast was dedicated to celebrating Roberts and Laign, who have been together for almost two decades, and are set to say "I do" next month. 

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In the studio to celebrate the occasion was Roberts' co-anchors, George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan, as well as a host of family and friends of the happy couple. Roberts' and Laign's live bachelorette party included mocktails, a performance by En Vouge and a round of the Newlywed Game.

Roberts and Laign spoke about their love story that began when they were set up on a blind date by friends 18 years ago. After the successful meeting, their relationship blossomed as Laign changed her route to work so she and Roberts could sneak a wave in during GMA's live broadcast.

Roberts became emotional as she spoke about being diagnosed with breast cancer two-years in, and how "sweet Amber" didn't leave her side.

"We had only been dating not even two years when I was diagnosed with breast cancer," Roberts said. "She could have bailed early on in the relationship. No one would have blamed her."

Roberts and Laign revealed that after years of going through health battles and loss, over the pandemic they decided that marriage was right for them. And in 2022, while dining at their favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, they slipped calamari rings on each other's fingers and were officially engaged.

Ahead of their nuptials, Roberts shared what she is looking forward to the most about their wedding.

"Many people go into marriage hoping for and looking for what Amber and I already know we have, and so ours is a celebration," she gushed. "We've been living our happily ever after through all the ups and downs, so it's a celebration."