'Celebrity Big Brother' Cast Reacts to Dina Lohan's Mystery Boyfriend (Exclusive)

“He’s not a catfish, he’s a real guy!”

The Celebrity Big Brother cast is happy for Dina Lohan!

In the midst of the live finale of the competition series, the news broke that Catfish host Nev Schulman had found Lohan’s mystery man. 

“UPDATE: found @dinalohan’s boyfriend… but his story is way bigger than I could have ever imagined,” Schulman tweeted on Wednesday. 

A source tells ET that Lohan’s “Catfish Boyfriend” is 53-year-old Jesse Nadler, and Dina’s ex, Michael Lohan, revealed to ET that Nadler reached out to him. 

“We spoke for over an hour. We got into great detail,” Michael told ET. “Actually, he’s a really nice guy with a good heart and I like him and if he makes Dina happy, I’m happy for them.” 

The Celebrity Big Brother cast reacted to the news following the show’s finale. 

"He’s not a catfish, he’s a real guy!” this season’s winner, Tamar Braxton exclaims to ET’s Brice Sander. "And I’m really excited for Mama Dina. She deserves happiness. She needs a husband. I told her, I said, ‘I’m gonna send you and my mama out because I’m looking for a stepdad too.’ She says he’s a great guy, and I’m grateful to know that he’s real.”


Kandi Burruss, who Dina originally spilled the beans to on the show about her mystery man, was also pleased to learn that the momager wasn’t being catfished. 

"If something great comes out of it, I’m happy,” Burruss says. "I know she was like telling me not to say that while the cameras was rolling. She was like, ‘I don’t want them to know, I don’t want them to know,’ but apparently they heard us talking about it. And I just want him to know that she really thinks you’re a great guy. Please make sure that you make it your business to take her out on a nice date, OK?”

Contestant Kato Kaelin even offered to be present for the couple’s first date. 

"Dina needs to find love, real love,” he says. "I’m going to offer a double date with my girlfriend and Dina and her mystery man.”

Others in the house were simply happy for Dina, who many praised for her kind attitude. 

"Go, Dina! That’s great. Good for her, I’m happy for her. Maybe she found true love on the Internet. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again,” Tom Green notes. 

"God bless, she’s a lot of fun, a tremendous person,” Anthony Scaramucci adds. "One of the biggest lessons I learned from here [is] don’t go by the paper. Don’t go by the tabloids, meet the people before you make an opinion. She’s an amazing person."

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