Chad Johnson Goes on Epic Bachelor Nation Twitter Rant, Calls Out Tyler Cameron and More

‘Bad Chad’ is at it again with his latest tweets.

Chad Johnson is living up to his “Bad Chad” nickname. 

The 32-year-old reality star appeared on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and briefly on Bachelor in Paradise before he was kicked off in 2016. Now, Johnson seems content to spill pitchers full of tea on Twitter. 

Johnson started a lengthy rant calling out almost everyone in Bachelor Nation on Aug. 15 and hasn’t let up since. It started when Johnson put Nick Viall on blast for talking about the text drama between current contestants Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Blake Horstmann

“So nick vile says that Blake releasing texts was ‘premeditated.’ No s**t. It’s called thinking,” Johnson tweeted. “Sociopath caelynn made up lies to create a victim storyline. Blake had no choice but to show texts. The Botox & fillers have melted both nick and caelynn’s brains. #BachelorInParadise.”

Johnson also frequently called out Bachelorette favorite Tyler Cameron for his charity work with ABC Food Tours and his romance with Gigi Hadid. 

“Let’s talk about Tyler Cameron’s ‘charity.’ It takes impoverished kids to nice restaurants to show them what they can’t have while Tyler gets a nice picture for Instagram, then dumps them right back where they came from just as f**ked as they were before #Giving #Charity,” Johnson wrote. 

When one commenter wrote, “Someone is bitter Gigi won’t text him back,” Johnson replied, “That reminds me of an old metaphor a wise man once told me. ‘Dating Gigi Hadid is like driving Enzo Ferrari’s personal Honda Civic. Yes it has a good story, will get you where you want to go, but at the end of the day, it is still just an average Honda Civic.’”

Cameron has been spotted on several dates with Hadid after Bachelorette Hannah Brown turned him down on the ABC dating show. 

Johnson also had some accusations against his former Bachelor in Paradise co-star, Daniel Maguire, who he claims is responsible for his episode one departure from the reality show. 

“Just want to take a moment to remind people that Daniel Maguire is the real reason I was kicked off Bachelor in Paradise,” he said. “Daniel was riding my coattails, he destroyed those coattails, and now he’s gone on to do jack s**t with his life. Suck it Daniel you dumb maple syrup slut.”

Johnson went on to claim, “He told staff I swung at him knowing full well I was just trying to knock his hand away. He thought if he got me kicked off he’d get all the airtime. He was extremely jealous all through the bachelorette. I thought we were friends, we were not. Daniel is a disappointment. Also, while traveling for the bachelorette and staying in hotels, while he was 31, he told me that his mother regularly shaves his back. Daniel you dirty maple syrup slut.”

Johnson also appeared to be very upset with Sarah Herron, a former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant who was born without a lower half of one arm. 

“I recently learned that I never called Sarah a ‘one arm B.’ The audio was cut, spliced, and edited together from multiple conversations. I apologized for 3 years for something I never even did. Beyond f**ked up. #BachelorInParadise,” Johnson claimed. 

Herron chimed in by praising fellow Bachelor Nation star Dean Unglert, who called Johnson a “trash human.”

“Dean is becoming my low-key hero,” she tweeted in response to Unglert’s tweet. But this set Johnson off. The reality TV villain shared several screen grabs of alleged conversations with Herron, writing, “You literally Facebook messaged me and said it wasn’t a big deal. We laughed about it & have the texts. I apologized 100 times. You even were interested in me afterwards. If it hadn’t been for my comment that never even happened, your charity would not be known. And still, this?”

He also called out Ben Higgins, saying his podcast makes the former Bachelor “less thank 20k per year” — a claim which Higgins later denied on Twitter. 

“While filming the Ben and Lauren shows Lauren [hit] on me. Ben didn’t take this kindly and out of outrage he continued to pester me as a means to show ‘Chads a bad guy.’ She left him anyway,” Johnson claimed in response to Higgins’ denial. “Moved on to a huge douche because admittedly and obviously, that’s what she actually likes.”

Of former Bachelor Colton Underwood, Johnson wrote, “Are you still a virgin? I can f**k you if that would make you get off my tv stop being such a biga** p**sy @coltonunderwood.”

It seems the only people in Bachelor Nation that Johnson is a fan of are Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife Lauren Burnham. 

“Aire and Lauren are legitimately the only people from The Bachelor that don’t deserve a good punch in the mouth,” he tweeted. “And yes that includes myself. *doesn’t include Jenny Delaney because she’s hot AF*.”

Later, while still ranting about many of his former co-stars, Johnson seemingly stepped back from some of his claims. 

“Some of these tweets are true and some have been falsified to add dramatic effect. Read, comment, and enjoy according,” he wrote. “Or just f**k off honestly I don’t even care I cracked up a few times on the plane over my own writings so that was cool. But alas, enjoy….”

Johnson opened up to ET earlier this year about the dating rumors surrounding him and fellow reality star, Kendra Wilkinson. Watch the clip below for more: 


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