Chance the Rapper on New Concert Film and Why He's Excited to Headline Summerfest (Exclusive)

The artist opened up to ET about his upcoming project.

Chance the Rapper is gearing up for his music to hit the big screen. The artist's new concert film, Magnificent Coloring World, will soon hit theaters, and he opened up to ET about the significance of the exciting project.

"Everyone was asking me for years about this concert because I was so excited when I first made it, and just, you know, everybody just loved the experience itself," Chance recently told ET's Kevin Frazier.

The film documents a special, secret concert Chance put on in 2017 -- shortly after taking home three GRAMMY Awards for his Coloring Book album. The concert was specifically crafted to be shot and edited as a concert film, and was held in Chicago for a small audience of select fans.

Featuring six sound stages and nine cameras, the entire concert was filmed three separate times to get the footage for the final cut, and Chance admitted, "Bringing that experience and all that that day held to life in film, it was harder than I thought it would be."

Additionally, unlike many other concert films, "this movie is different because it was made for camera," Chance said. "It was like a one-time experience."

Magnificent Coloring World is also set to make history for being the first time a music artist has independently distributed a film on this scale. Chace is collaborating with AMC Theaters to release the project, which he wrote, produced, starred in and personally edited.

His singular vision is one reason it took until 2021 for the movie to come together. As he explained, "I just wasn't ready all the way, like in terms of what I knew about putting together and editing a film."

"It was a labor-heavy job getting that whole concept put together and rehearsed and cast and shot. And then I didn't realize how much of a mammoth [undertaking] the editing process is, especially with all those cameras and all that coverage and footage."

However, once the coronavirus pandemic hit, Chance's tour plans were put on indefinite hold and the artist found himself with the time he needed to learn how edit the way he wanted.

"I've learned a lot from like video essays on YouTube and just watching good movies," he explained. "So after spending time in the editing bay with my homies and learning how to work with editors and understanding pacing and understanding the mechanics behind making a film piece -- even if it's a short film -- it kind of just like grew me into a space where I felt confident enough to get all that footage."

With live concerts and shows slowly and tentatively returning, Chance is headlining Summerfest 2021 in September -- which marks his first and only concert of the summer.

"I don't even know how to describe the feeling that I feel about [Summerfest], other than ecstatic," Chance said, adding that performing live for an audience, and making that human connection, is his "purpose" in life.

"That's part of my DNA, is I like being on a stage, and I'm good at it," Chance said. "Summerfest is such a cool show because it's something that people from Chicago will drive up to and, you know, it's such a huge deal to be a part of it."

Chance is set to headline Summerfest -- at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- on Sept. 3.

Meanwhile, Magnificent Coloring World premieres Aug. 13 in Los Angeles, with a New York premiere on Aug. 14, and will screen exclusively at AMC Theaters.