Charlize Theron on Megyn Kelly's Reaction to 'Bombshell': 'It's Emotional' (Exclusive)

The actress also opened up to ET about her upcoming plans: taking a break to focus on motherhood.

Charlize Theron feels for Megyn Kelly amid her emotional reaction to Bombshell. 

ET's Denny Directo and Lauren Zima spoke with the actress at the 2020 Producers Guild Awards on Saturday, where she discussed her reaction to Kelly's detailed response to the film, which covers the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News that took place under its former CEO, Roger Ailes. 

Kelly and fellow Fox News accusers opened up about what the movie got right and wrong in a 30-minute video posted last week. The group described the fraught "elevator scene" hinted at in the trailer as one of the most emotional moments to watch and discussed the "demeaning" experiences they went through at the network. 

"Listen, this all happened to them. We made the movie about it, and I acted all of that stuff, but this actually happened to all of them," Theron told ET on Saturday. "To hear them reflect on it and talk about it, and to just hear these continuous stories about how pervasive sexual harassment is in the workplace, it's emotional." 

The production team behind Bombshell will be honored at Saturday's PGA Awards with the Stanley Kramer Award. "This is a special night for us. We just had a little moment. I took a photo with the producers, and we were like, 'Guys, we did it. We did it.' So yeah, it's special," Theron said. 

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The actress is also nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Kelly in the film. 

"[I'm feeling] just utter shock," she expressed. "I mean, I'm blown away by all the love that we've been getting for the film, and I'm super grateful for all of it, because for those of you who make these kinds of movies, you know how hard it is to just get people to talk about it. But this one seems to get people really wanting to share and talk about it, so that feels really good." 

Next up, Theron will be spending some much-needed time with her kids. 

"I'm taking a break. I have to take a break. My children don't know who I am anymore," she joked. "I'm going to take a break and just be a mom for a second. We have a couple of things in post production. Our slate is so full anyway that I'm never not going to work, but I need to just take a moment."

See more on Theron in the video below. 


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