Cher Breaks Her Silence After Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards' Fight With Travis Scott in Cannes

Cher is speaking out for the first time since Alexander 'AE' Edwards and Travis Scott got into an altercation in Cannes.

Cher is speaking out for the first time since her boyfriend got into a heated altercation with Travis Scott, and the legendary singer's got nothing but praise for her man.

The "Believe" singer took to social media on Saturday and shared how she feels about her music executive boyfriend, Alexander 'AE' Edwards. She tweeted, "I'm Proud of Alexander. He Didn't Start The fight Against 2 Men,... He finished it, Gotta Love Him."

Cher's referring to Scott and Edwards getting into a scuffle Thursday in the glamours French city of Cannes.

Cher - Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Video captured from an onlooker's Instagram Stories shows a chaotic scene where a few men are seen swinging at each other as drinks can be seen flying as people try to get out of the way. Security personnel quickly intervened to break up the scuffle, and the DJ promptly halted the music, repeatedly shouting "Stop!" over the microphone in an attempt to restore order.

An eyewitness told ET what began as a celebratory evening quickly spiraled into chaos.

"Travis Scott and Tyga attended Richie Akiva's amfAR after party as guests of Richie. At one point in the evening, both artists were on stage, behind the DJ booth, when Richie announced them both on stage alongside Alexander Edwards, and others. Right after that announcement, Travis immediately snatched the mic out of Richie’s hand, and said, 'No, we're not doing this.' Alexander said, 'Let him show love,'" the eyewitness says.

Alexander "AE" Edwards and Tyga at Mugler RTW Fall 2024. - Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images

According to the eyewitness, Scott left the stage momentarily, returning with producer Southside, who confronted Edwards. The situation escalated rapidly, leading to a physical altercation. As Edwards tried to calm the confrontation, Southside pushed him, prompting Edwards to push back. In defense of Southside, Scott tried to push Edwards off the stage. Edwards, maintaining his balance, retaliated by dragging Scott across the stage and eventually throwing him off. The struggle continued with Edwards jumping on top of Scott, resulting in a scuffle captured on video.

Edwards, who later said he has "no hard feelings" in the wake of the fight, attended the Cannes amfAR Gala with Cher, who performed at the shindig benefiting HIV and AIDS research. The couple met in 2022 during Paris Fashion Week

Alexander "AE" Edwards and Cher have been dating since 2022. - Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images

Her romance with the 38-year-old began when her friend "pushed" her to ask Edwards about what she assumed was a grill, but turned out to be Edwards' teeth. She gushed to ET last September that he's "quite handsome" after revealing she initially rebuffed his courtship.

"I was in a place where I couldn't do much and I kept saying, 'I'm not the right woman for you," Cher told ET. "First of all, I'm 100 years older than you. And secondly, your friends [wouldn't think you were] cool if you were caught hanging with me, you know?' He said, 'Why don't you let me be the judge of that?' And then, we just happened."