Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Responds to Tense Travis Kelce Super Bowl Moment

Travis Kelce was filmed yelling at Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid in an aggressive Super Bowl moment.

There are no hard feelings between Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and tight end Travis Kelce. Prior to the team's Super Bowl LVIII win on Sunday, Kelce was spotted getting in Reid's face on the sidelines at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, seemingly yelling and even slightly pushing him.

Both Reid and Kelce were asked about the moment at separate times after the team's victory. 

"He keeps me young," Reid, 65, quipped of Kelce, 34, adding that he, "Tested that hip out. He caught me off-balance, normally I give him a little bit, but I didn't have any feet under me." 

During the post-game press conference, Reid elaborated on the exchange, saying of Kelce, "He was emotional today. I have five kids so I get how that goes."

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

He also explained Kelce's sideline aggression, saying, "The part I love is he loves to play the game and he wants to help his team win. And it's not a selfish thing, that's not what it is. And I understand that. So as much as he bumps into me, I get after him and we understand that. He just caught me off-balance."

Kelce seemed surprised that cameras caught the moment, quipping on the field, "Oh, you guys saw that?"

When asked about the exchange, Kelce added, "I'm gonna keep it between us unless my mic-up tells the world, but I was just telling him how much I love him."

Later in the post-game press conference, Kelce went on to praise his coach, saying, "I've got the greatest coach this game has ever seen. Unbelievable… He's one of the best leaders of men I've ever seen in my life. He's helped me a lot with channeling that emotion, with channeling that passion, and I owe my entire career to that guy being out of control in how emotional I get. I just love him." 

Kelce had a big night, helping quarterback Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to a win over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime as his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, her famous friends and his family proudly watched in a private box. 


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