Chilli Opens Up About Finding Love With Boyfriend Matthew Lawrence After Her Reality Show (Exclusive)

In ET's exclusive clip, Chilli opens up about her romance with Matthew Lawrence with host Tamron Hall.

What Chilli wants, she gets! Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas appears on Friday's episode of Tamron Hall, and in ET's exclusive clip of her visit, the TLC artist opens up about finding love with her boyfriend, Matthew Lawrence, after searching for romance on her VH1 reality series, What Chilli Wants.

"On my show, I always hoped that women would see the importance of having high standards. And I got a lot of flack for that, but I don't care," the 52-year-old tells Hall about the 2010 series that chronicled her quest to find love with the help of Tionna T. Smalls, an author and relationship coach. The series aired for two seasons from April 2010 to February 2011. 

"For me, I just waited it out. I'm like, 'Lord, if it happens, wonderful. If it doesn't, I'm still OK.' I've never been the one that's hard up, saying I've gotta be in a relationship or I gotta be married and all this. I wanted it to be right," she adds, going on to gush about her beau whom she says "always puts the grilled cheese on my face."

"Matthew, honestly, he's the list. I can't even say this or that, he is my entire list. So I thank God every day for him," she concludes.

Chilli and Lawrence confirmed their romance on social media back in January, and Chilli's rep, Christal Jordan, confirmed to ET at the time that the two had been dating for a few months and were meeting each other's families. The confirmation of the pair's relationship came just over three months after Matthew and his ex-wife, Cheryl Burke, finalized their divorce. 

The singer spoke with ET after a recent appearance on the American Idol finale, where she and her bandmate, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, performed a medley of their group's hits alongside contestant Lucy Love.

Chilli shared that her son, Tron's, approval when it comes to her new man means "everything, because Tron is my whole world."

"That's my heartbeat, so yeah. He approves, thumbs up," she gleefully added of the 25-year-old whom she shares with her ex, Dallas Austin.

T-Boz noted that she "absolutely" approves of Lawrence as well, adding, "That's my brother."

Lawrence previously opened up to ET in March about their romance.

"My life is in a complete bloom right now. I get to spend time with an amazing woman like Chilli. I've never gotten to be able to experience that kind of relationship before, so it's quite special," Lawrence shared at the time. "She's a really, really special human being. I wish more people on the planet were like her. We'd be much better off."

"She's just got, you know, her morals and her values," he continued. "The way she treats her family. She loves my family, so important. We get along. We'll talk on the phone and she's like, 'My mom's calling me.' I'm like, 'Go get it. I know how important that is.' Same thing like my mom calls me. It's not like, 'Why are you talking to your mom?!' It's like, 'Oh, your mom. Go talk to your mom,' you know?"

Lawrence also confirmed that he's met Chilli's family, including Tron, whom Lawrence says is "so cool," though there's no telling if Tron can wrangle Lawrence into hitting the gym with him.

"It's weird, you know, we have similar upbringings. We have similar families," he shared. "There are similarities that you wouldn't necessarily think between us and it really works."

See more on Chilli and Lawrence's romance in the video ahead.