'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2: Everything You Need to Know About Sabrina's Love Triangle!

Part 2 of the series hits Netflix Friday!

Sabrina Spellman has no shortage of potential beaus!

Ahead of part two of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina landing on Netflix on Friday, ET's Leanne Aguilera was on the set with the cast, who were not shy about declaring their pick between Sabrina's (Kiernan Shipka) two suitors, the mortal Harvey (Ross Lynch) and the warlock Nick (Gavin Leatherwood).

The Netflix series' holiday episode ended with a devastating final breakup between 'Brina and Harvey after romantic possibilities were swirling with Nick toward the end of part one. The trailer for part two only intensified the brewing love triangle with a steamy kiss between Sabrina and Nick. Despite initially being Team Harvey, Shipka told ET that her allegiance had shifted as a result of part two.

"I think that Sabrina and Nick are so perfect for each other in the second season," Shipka said. "Especially because I think Harvey is, as much as I love him and adore him, he is scared of Sabrina in a lot of ways. He is terrified of her power and Nick isn't." 

"He admires her power, and he champions Sabrina and he lifts her up in a way that I think is just a really wonderful thing for people and young viewers to see in the general sense," Shipka continued of Nick. "I think that they are sort of a dynamic duo in a lot of ways, whereas Sabrina and Harvey's relationship was truly, like, based in love and sweetness and kindness, Nick and Sabrina's relationship is more based off of kind of a partnership."

"They are partners in crime in a lot of ways, so I love it too," she added.

'Brina's leading men are split on their choice of teams, with each guy shockingly opting for the character they don't play as their pick for the witch-in-training.

"I mean, I love Gavin as a person, so I am starting to lean on Team Nick," Lynch said. "... The viewer tends to swing with the lead, with Kiernan, so if she's falling in love with Nick, the audience probably will too."

"I have a feeling that I may be along those lines, but I do love the Harvey and Sabrina relationship," he added. "And I love how sweet it is."

It's that kindness that had Leatherwood picking Harvey over Nick for Sabrina's heart.

"I stay up late at night thinking about this constantly. I've lost several hours of sleep over it," Leatherwood quipped. "I love my character, but I also love Harvey and Sabrina's chemistry. And they're, like, the OG lovers... They have such a history and it's pure and innocent, while, with Nick, it's a bit more passionate and it's just different."

"As a viewer I'm split, but I'm, like, 60/40, 70/30 Team Harvey," Leatherwood said.

Much of the cast agreed with Leatherwood, saying that the right guy for Sabrina is Harvey. Lucy Davis, who plays Sabrina's Aunt Hilda, even teased how the end of part two affected her pick.

"Harvey for sure. I think Hilda is often pushing Sabrina to the mortal side," Davis said. "She doesn't trust Nick and you will see later on why... in the last episode... Nick is lovely, like, he really, genuinely seems like a good guy, but you know Hilda is not wrong... Harvey is for the endgame I think."

"[I'm] Team Harvey simply because you gotta love a sweetheart," Tati Gabrielle, who plays Prudence on the show, agreed. "He's so sweet and... will do anything for Sabrina."

A couple of cast members had different ideas for where Harvey and Nick should end up, with both Jaz Sinclair and Chance Perdomo -- who play Roz and Ambrose respectively -- picking unusual options for the two guys.

"I want Harvey and Nick to get together because Ross and Gavin really love each other a lot," Sinclair said. "[I] would love to see some Narvey action, which is probably not gonna happen but it's fun to think about."

As for Perdomo, he'd like his character to have a shot with Harvey. "Hambrose! Harvey and Ambrose. Let the fanfiction begin. I expect memes," he quipped before giving his actual pick for his onscreen cousin. 

"Ambrose is Team Harvey because Harvey is wholesome, Harvey is good for Sabrina," Perdomo said of his character. "Ambrose has partied around with Nick. He's kind of been involved with the witches' side, so he might think that Nick might be a bit of bad news. A charming young man, but don't touch my cousin, right?"

The most unusual answer of all came from Michelle Gomez, who gave her character, Ms. Wardwell's, pick for Sabrina. "She's Team Satan, really to be honest," Gomez quipped of Madam Satan. "She doesn't really care who she's with as long as she's out of the picture really. Team Satan."

Whether Sabrina ends up with Harvey or Nick -- or even Satan -- rest assured there are plenty of kisses to go around! While Lynch couldn't specifically remember his first kiss with Shipka due to the sheer volume of kisses -- "one day on set we kissed probably 30 times," he said -- Leatherwood had no problem recalling their first smooch, thanks to his nerves leading up to the big moment.

"Before we filmed our first kissing scene, I was incredibly nervous," Leatherwood admitted. "I rode in that day and was talking to Brad, who's one of our transport guys... and was like, 'Man, big day today. We're filming this and this and I got a kissing scene with Kiernan.' And he was like... 'Have you guys kissed before?'"

After Leatherwood confirmed that they had not, he was advised to "figure that out" before the big moment.

"I got in my head immediately about it and was like, 'Oh shoot. What if we kiss and it's awkward or something? And, like, we both go to the same side and bump heads?'" he recalled. "So, I knocked on her trailer door before the day started and she was like, 'Hi, how are you? I miss you! How was your weekend?' And I was like, 'Just hang on.' And I just planted a smooch on her."

"I was like, 'I'm sorry. I just had to get that out of the way. My heart is pounding. I'm shaking and I just didn't want that to be awkward on screen for the first time,'" he continued. "So I got it out of the way."

Shipka "was so receptive" to the impromptu kiss, which Leatherwood described as "great."

"I, like, went in for one and it was just like a quick peck and I felt like that was the awkward one," he said. "... [After the kiss] I was like, 'OK, so I know what that is like and now we can move forward from there.'"

Part 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming on Netflix.