Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce First Original Series on Magnolia Network

Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for TIME

Here's all the details on the couple's upcoming show.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have just unveiled the first original series on their upcoming Magnolia network.

On Tuesday, the couple announced Home on the Road, a six-episode series exploring the lives of husband and wife Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez as they take their band, JOHNNYSWIM, on the road with their son Joaquin, 4, and daughter Luna, 1.

"Amanda and Abner are magnetic," Chip and Joanna shared in a statement accompanying the news. "Ever since we met them a little over five years ago, we've been drawn to the way they navigate family, community, and life on the road. They're not just musicians, they're storytellers and together, they are a true picture of the relentless pursuit of following a dream and making it a reality; but their dream doesn't stop with them -- it's extended to their family and fans and everyone they meet."

Abner and Amanda's alternative music and love for storytelling will be incorporated into the series, which showcase the family and their eight band and crew members' adventures on their tour bus, which they lovingly call "a small apartment on wheels." Each episode will offer viewers a glimpse of the cities and communities they are touring, as well as a up-close look at the marriage at the center of the band.


"When you're on the road as much as we are, time spent at home starts to feel a lot like vacation," Abner and Amanda said in a statement. "We decided early on that we want to spend as much time together as possible…so when we go on tour, we all go on tour. We'd be lying if we said the idea of traveling the country with your bandmates, a 4-year-old and a 12-month-old wasn't a little bit scary, but it's all we know. No matter what, we're going to make home on the road."

Less than a week ago, Joanna shared a cute photo of herself, Chip, Abner and Amanda all offering silly poses at Silobration; JOHNNYSWIM performed at the fall festival the Gaineses host every year.

Also, back in in January 2018, Chip playfully shared that the band had a small role in the conception of his and Joanna's fifth child, Crew.

“You might recall a few months back.. the ever amazing, ever romantic @JOHNNYSWIM was in Waco. And they put on a little too romantic of a concert.. anyways, one thing led to another, & we are officially pregnant. And I could not be more EXCITED! #5 #7ThePerfectNumber,” he tweeted at the time.

In fall 2018, Chip and Joanna announced that they were in the earliest stages of starting their own TV network in partnership with Discovery, Inc., after ending their hit HGTV series, Fixer Upper.

"We're excited to share that we are currently in the early stages of talking with Discovery, Inc. about a lifestyle-focused media network for Magnolia," the couple's rep told ET at the time. "The details surrounding this opportunity remain a work in progress, but together, our hope is to build a different kind of platform for unique, inspiring and family-friendly content." 

"The Gaines' are exceptional people, true authentic storytellers and creative visionaries who will nourish millions of people with quality, family-friendly programming accessible on a 24/7 network and across all screens," Discovery shared in a statement of their own. 

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