Chris Cuomo Gives Health Update on Son Mario Following Coronavirus Diagnosis

The CNN newsman addressed his son's health on Wednesday's 'Cuomo Prime Time.'

Chris Cuomo is addressing his son's recent COVID-19 diagnosis.

Hours after the CNN anchor's wife, Cristina Cuomo, revealed the news that their 14-year-old son Mario had contracted the virus, Chris gave a brief health update during Wednesday's Cuomo Prime Time.

"The virus worked through the family," Chris explained while speaking with his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, via video chat. "It was me and Christina, and now Mario has the same symptoms she had, and he's got the coronavirus."

"It's working it's way through, but they're doing fine," Chris added. "Thank you for your concern, Andrew. Thanks for caring about my family, and about me, and thank you for fighting for the people of your state."

"He's going to be OK," the governor replied, supportively.

The heartfelt exchange came shortly after the brothers had an interview regarding the governor's meeting with President Trump, which culminated with some sibling ribbing.

Chris teased Andrew for becoming a "real feely guy" who is in touch with his sensitive side.

"I don't remember you that way. Maybe it's the coronavirus, but I don't remember you this way," Chris said, laughing. "So what happened?"

"It's your memory. It's your memory. I think the coronavirus has perverted your memory. Not only did you come out frail, but your memory has suffered," Andrew shot back, adding that he might remember more clearly when "Christina lets you out of the basement."

The news of Chris' son's illness comes on the tail of the newsman and his wife both leaving self-isolation after their battles with COVID-19.

Cristina revealed the news of her son's illness in an Instagram post Wednesday morning, in commemoration of Earth Day.

"On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, show kindness toward our planet and every creature who inhabits it, as the transcendent photographer, adventurer, preservationist and raconteur Peter Beard advised us," she began of Beard, who died earlier this month. "My old friend’s recent death offers an eerily timely punctuation on this virus and a reminder that we can’t forget to protect one another, and the animals that roam the Earth."

"This virus has created a different version of me. My hope is to be stronger, healthier, smarter about the virus at large," Cristina continued. "After 10 days of ups and downs, feeling good one-day and terrible the next, I am now working hard to get my son, Mario, through the virus."

"My heart hurts more than my head over his infection," she continued. "This virus does not discriminate. While kids are more resilient, they can suffer [the] same severity of symptoms."

Cristina added, "Since his sense of smell and taste have disappeared, I am feeding him healthy foods that I normally can’t get him to touch."

For more on the Cuomo family's weeks-long, painful struggle with the coronavirus, see the video below.



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