Chris Harrison Reveals 'Bachelorette' Talks Were Temporarily Put on Hold (Exclusive)

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Two weeks into Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, we've already got our favorites for the next Bachelorette. But according to host Chris Harrison, that decision is far from being made. 

"I do not know who the next Bachelorette is," he told ET's Lauren Zima in an exclusive interview last week. "We have not even gotten there." 

Standouts like Cassie, Hannah G., Katie, Tayshia and Nicole earned a lot of love from fans so far, but as Harrison explained, their names haven't even been tossed around for Bachelorette by producers. Instead, the team has been taking it one week at a time and focusing on a successful Bachelor season. 

"I was talking to some of the executive producers, we were in a meeting about the show, and I said, ‘Hey, not for nothing, who’s on our list? Should we start talking about it tonight?’ And they said, ‘Dude, we gotta get through this live show,'" Harrison revealed. "We haven’t even started thinking about that yet. This live show we pulled off [for the premiere] took so much manpower that we spread around the country. It took a lot over the holidays, so kudos to the Bachelor family." 

"We really did put the Bachelorette talk on the back burner, so I promise you, we have not even come close to starting that conversation yet," he added. 

Regardless of who ends up getting the gig, Harrison is ready to guide her through her love journey. "Whoever the next Bachelorette is, it's going to be my job to get to know this woman: What makes her tick? What are her emotional buttons to push? And how can I help her? How can I facilitate this journey for her and help her find love?" he expressed.

"I can’t treat Becca [Kufrin] like I treated Arie [Luyendyk Jr.] like I treated Colton. They’re so different. They bring their own history, their own passion, their own issues and baggage to all of this and so you… can't produce them all the same, and I can’t treat them the same as the host," he said, before teasing up Underwood's season in particular. 

"Colton’s journey is unlike anything you’re ever going to see because it’s all his. He had a rough patch, and we all kind of had to get him through that if we wanted to make this successful. And he didn’t make it easy on us," Harrison continued. "At times, he challenged us, which I love."

See more from Harrison's interview -- including what he said about some women viewing Underwood's virginity as a "trophy" -- in the video below. 

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