'The Bachelor': Is Demi Really the Villain of Colton Underwood's Season?

We think it might just be possible that Demi's suffering from Corinne Olympios syndrome.

Does making another woman cry a Bachelor villain make? 

We thought we had our season villain when Catherine interrupted not one, not two, not three, but four of Colton Underwood's conversations with other women on night one. But she seemed to behave herself on this week's episode... creating an opening for another scene stealer to cause some drama. 

Enter Demi, who was first out of the limo last week with a joke about Colton's virginity. But this week she was all about riling up the other women. With a public kiss on a group date, a couple of taunting comments about winning the date's rose (which she didn't) and two fights with Tracy, Demi seems to be public enemy No. 1. But is she really that bad? Colton doesn't seem to think so. 

"I just think you have people who have opinions, and they're strong independent women," he previously told ET of the 23-year-old firecracker. "If you want to dub them the villain, that's not up for me to say."

Instead, we think it's possible Demi could be suffering from Corinne Olympios syndrome. She might be a villain, not a standout, and we're not just saying that because of how she showed up to the cocktail party in a Corinne-style outfit. 

First: Her comments aren't overly mean. Yes, almost every other sentence we hear from her draws attention to the age gap between women this season. But isn't it natural that this would become a topic of conversation? Even Colton felt the need to justify his readiness for marriage at just 26 years old. And, so far, Demi isn't name-calling to the level we've heard from past Bachelor contestants. (We love you now, Krystal Nielson, but we're still thinking about that brutal Arie Luyendyk Jr. insult.) And Tracy isn't blameless either, calling Demi a "child."

Second: She actually sat through two confrontations with Tracy. The stylist was none too pleased when Demi stole Colton away from her at the cocktail party to bring him to her "fantasy closet." But after the other women told Demi about how upset Tracy was, Demi tracked Tracy down. Yes, Demi was sassy about it. But she actually went to have a conversation with a crying Tracy. That says something, right? 

Third: She's entertaining. It isn't The Bachelor without some drama, and Demi's doing her best to give us some. This show would be boring if the women just sat around chatting about Colton all day; we need something else to talk about. While we're still waiting to hear more about her mom's incarceration, Demi doesn't mind covering other topics — like Colton's sexuality — and her assertiveness about trying to have sex with him is the boldness we like to see in a season featuring a virgin Bachelor.

Demi May be the most vocal about trying to get Colton into bed, but she's not the only woman with that objective. Host Christ Harrison told ET last week that some of this season's contestants saw Colton's virginity as a "trophy." 

"Much was made of the fact that he’s a virgin, and we’re going to get to a much deeper, emotional level to the virginity and what it means and why and all that, but, yeah, I think that early on the game was raised a little bit because of that," he said. 

"I think you see that there was this maybe uncomfortable situation of, ‘How do the woman approach that?’ One of the things I love about this show is pushing those social dilemmas and the social dynamics of this guy’s a virgin," he continued. "[You'll] see he’s not shy. He’s a virgin, but he’s definitely not shy. These are not virgin moves out there in the ocean."

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