Chrissy Teigen Recalls the Moment Donald Trump Tweeted About Her: 'My Heart Stopped'

The model opened up on Wednesday’s 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' about her Twitter feud with the president.

Chrissy Teigen is opening up about what it’s like to get into a Twitter fight with the President of the United States!

The 33-year-old model and social media maven is appearing on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where talk quickly turns to her recent Twitter back-and-forth with Donald Trump

“We all just wait for our day to come and mine happened to be Sunday,” Teigen quips, referencing President Trump calling her “filthy mouthed” on Twitter.  

“My heart stopped because at that moment you know that you’re about to get just the wildest group of people ever,” she says of the online trolls. “It was a weird feeling. I was really angry. I think my eyes filled up with water just at the shock of it. I can’t believe this really happened right now.”

She goes on to explain that her husband, John Legend, was involved in an MSNBC interview about criminal justice reform, which Teigen was unaware of at the time. She believes President Trump thought Legend was taking all the credit for criminal justice reform, which led to his tweet. 

“Guys like boring musician @johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking about how great it is,” President Trump tweeted on Sunday, referencing criminal justice reform. “But I didn’t see them around when we needed help getting it passed.” 

As for the tweet, Teigen jokes it was fair. 

“Those two things are true. John is boring. I do have a filthy mouth,” she agrees. 

Despite her initial shock, the Lip Sync Battle host admits that the feud isn’t all that surprising. 

“This wasn’t that random. I’ve said a lot of things in the past I think since like 2012 I’ve been saying things about him,” she says. Teigen has been blocked on Twitter by President Trump so she found out about the tweets from screenshots from friends. 

“When the card lands on you that day, it’s like, ‘Oh crap,’ because your whole night’s ruined,” she admits. “We spent the entire rest of the night, just sitting next to each other, handing each other our phone. ‘Should I say this?’ ‘No.’ ‘ Should I say this?’ ‘No, it has to be funnier. No, we’re mad! Yeah, we’re mad!’”

Teigen ended up calling President Trump a “p***y a** b***h,” which ended up trending on Twitter. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“We’re still working on how to copyright the right term,” she jokes. 

Though her recent tweet might not reflect this, Teigen insists that she’s been making an effort to clean up her act online lately. 

“I’ve gotten to this point where I don’t want to offend people just for a joke,” she says. 

For more from Teigen, watch the clip below:  


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