Chrissy Teigen Shares Sweet New Video of Baby Miles

Chrissy Teigen Becca collaboration
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

"This little dude!"

It's impossible to get tired of seeing this precious baby boy.

Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram on Saturday to offer fans a brand-new glimpse of her adorable 2-month-old, Miles Stephens.

In the short clip, he happily wriggles in a black-and-white striped onesie as a friend of Teigen’s says hello to the little guy. “This little dude,” Teigen captioned the touching moment.

As fans know, the 32-year-old supermodel isn’t shy when it comes to sharing her daily exploits, including a recent video post in which she shows that she spilled breastmilk on a table and attempted to use a baster to save it.

Spilled my breastmilk and this is how important it is in this house,” she stated as she worked to salvage the precious liquid in the clip. “EVERY DROPS COUNTS IN THIS HOUSE,” she captioned the funny moment.

However, sometimes Teigen's openness leads to heated exchanges online, like on July 10, when she called out a man who apparently was taking photos of her as she was pumping milk in her car while riding to an event.

“Also to the man who took photos into our car as I was topless and pumping you can go f**k yourself if you sell them,” she wrote on Twitter. “If I wanted to show you my salami nipples I’d show you my salami nipples on my own doing!”

When a commenter named Jerry defended the individual who took the photos, Teigen hilariously took aim at him as well:

“Yes jerry. Die on this hill. This is what you should stand up for. A man’s right to shoot his camera into my (tinted) car. This is a great cause.”

Get more news on Teigen and her family in the clip below.