Chrissy Teigen’s Son Miles Tries So Hard to Say ‘Dada,’ and It’s the Cutest!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at 2019 critics choice awards
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It’s no secret that Chrissy Teigen’s 9-month-old son, Miles, is the spitting image of his dad, John Legend -- but he just can't call out to him yet.

Early Friday morning, the 33-year-old model posted the cutest video of little Miles trying to say “Dada” with all his might. 

“YAAAAAS so close!” Teigen captioned the precious clip of the tiny cutie bouncing around and managing to get out a “Da-dee-dee.” 

Miles’ older sister, 2-year-old Luna, is a bit more advanced, already reading a Little Feminists book while rocking one of her signature princess dresses. 

“Who’s that?” Teigen asks her daughter in the clip, pointing to one drawing.

“I don’t know,” Luna replies. 

“That’s Maya Angelou,” Teigen explains, referencing the famous author and activist. 

Luna then struggles to pronounce the name of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald in the sweetest way as her mom helps her. 

Earlier this week, Legend opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about his two cute kiddos. 

“It’s funny because he looks more like me as an adult than he looks like me as a baby. He’s me,” he said of Miles, adding of the siblings, "They get along pretty well. When Luna gets jealous, she doesn’t take it out on Miles, she just wants our attention more.”

For more from the family, watch the clip below: 


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