Christine Brown Reveals She Watches 'Sister Wives' With Her New Fiancé David Woolley

Christine's 2021 split from ex Kody Brown is currently playing out on 'Sister Wives.'

While the dramatic events of 2021 might be playing out on the current season of Sister Wives, star Christine Brown is busy living her best life in Utah with her new fiancé, David Woolley.

The mother of six took to Instagram on Sunday while the latest season 18 episode was airing to share the meaningful ad that popped up during the TLC reality series. 

"Ironically, Sister Wives just had a commercial break and advertised! It’s where I met David! #meanttobe #irony #soulmates," Christine captioned one of her engagement pics with David. 

After one fan asked Christine if she was watching the series with her new man, Christine replied to the comment, "Yes. I. Am!" 

Christine and David met on the dating app in October 2022. In February 2023, they went public with their romance and announced their engagement in April. 

This marks Christine's first relationship since her 2021 split from ex Kody Brown. The aftermath of Christine's decision to divorce Kody and relocate to Utah is currently playing out on Sister Wives

As Kody continues to show apparent favoritism toward his wife, Robyn Brown, his other wives, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown, both seem to be on their way out the door. 

In Sunday's episode, Janelle and Kody have an explosive fight that leaves Janelle telling her estranged husband to get his things, saying she's kicking him out of their home. 

Fans of the series know that Janelle has since separated from Kody, recently describing herself as "single." Meri announced her decision to "permanently terminate" her marriage to Kody back in January. 

Kody's only remaining relationship is with Robyn. 

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.