'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Is Engaged to David Woolley: What to Know About Her Fiancé

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Christine Brown is finding her true happiness almost two years after her split from Kody Brown. The 50-year-old Sister Wives star confirmed to ET on Thursday that she and boyfriend David Woolley are engaged

The pair, who started dating in December, got close fast, posting lots of PDA pics and romantic declarations on social media after first going public this past Valentine's Day. 

Christine took to Instagram to confirm the news of her engagement, writing, "We’re engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I’m so excited and just live in bliss every day! #engaged #newworld #soulmates #loveofmylife." 

The couple has spent an increasing amount of time together in recent months, vacationing in California and Arizona, and meeting their respective families. 

It seems the love bug hit these two quickly as they were professing their admiration for one another after about two months of dating back in February. 

"I finally found the love of my life, David. The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took it’s first breath," Christine wrote at the time. "He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this. #blessed #soulmate #feelinggood #lovemylife #partner."

David followed up Christine's love confession with a post of his own, writing, "My Queen❤️ #christinebrown #soulmates #queen."

While Christine didn't go public with her split from Kody until November 2021, fans of Sister Wives know that the pair were broken up long before that, as early as spring 2021. She has since relocated to Utah with her and Kody's daughter, Truely.

Christine and David appear over the moon about one another, gushing on each other's pages.

Here's what we know about David so far:

They've Been Together Since December

According to David's Facebook, he's been in a relationship since Dec. 10, 2022.

He Lives in Utah

According to David's Facebook page, he lives in Herriman, Utah, which is just a 30-minute drive from Christine in Salt Lake City. He also previously lived in San Diego, California.

He Owns His Own Business

David has owned his own construction company, David Woolley Drywall, since 2015.

He's a Grandpa Himself

The proud granddad has already featured his seven grandkids on his minimal Instagram account. In addition to Christine, he follows three of his kids -- Colton Woolley, Kati Charlene, and Raegan Pyper -- on Instagram. Kati recently shared that some of her siblings have chosen to stay private amid the dating news. According to his late wife's obituary, David is a father of eight kids. 

His First Wife Died in 2012

In one of his daughter's TikTok posts, she shared that her mother died after her "depression and addiction won," confirmed that she committed suicide. David's late wife, Margaret Woolley, died in 2012. They married in November 1990. 

He's Already Met Christine's Kids and Grandkids

Christine has described her new man as "incredible with my children," sharing photos of him holding her twin grandsons, Ace and Archer Padron.

Prior to sharing David's identity publicly, Christine also noted that he was "incredible with Truely," the 12-year-old daughter she and Kody share. The exes are also parents to Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Paedon, 24, Gwendlyn, 21, and Ysabel, 19.

Gwendlyn has previously shared her candid opinion of David, saying during an Instagram Live, "Yeah, I do like my mom's boyfriend. I think he's a lot of fun. He and Truely get along really well, which is what I was most concerned about."

He's Likely Filming Sister Wives

In Christine's Instagram relationship reveal, the couple sits in her living room in one pic. Behind them appears to be filming equipment and cameramen, so it seems likely that David will be featured in season 18 of the Brown family's TLC show.

He Already Has Cute Nicknames for His Ladylove

The king and queen of our hearts! The couple has called one another "my queen" and "my king" respectively and they aren't shy about expressing their love on social media.

David shared a recent tribute to Christine after taking their romance public, writing, "When I’m with you, we just sit in our own little bubble and the world can go around us and we’re just standing still and it’s perfect and I have never felt like this before. When I took you to the The Little Mermaid play I saw how much you loved life and I knew I had some one special for me. I’m the luckiest guy, thank you for finding me. Love, your king ❤️ #christinebrown #queen #soulmates #lucky #mylove."

Christine Has Met His Kids

David's daughter, Kati, shared in a recent TikTok, "Christine has found a way to make all my siblings feel loved and she's amazing." Kati posed with Christine and Truely in a recent pic. 

He's a Great Dad

@kati_charlene Replying to @mdevange I’m awkward and not good at sarcasm, but you get the point 😅 #christinebrown#christineanddavid#fyp♬ original sound - Kati Charlene

According to his daughter Kati, David is "the best dad in the whole world. I have a thousand stories about all the times he's shown up for me in my life and how amazing he's always been. He seriously is incredible."

She added, "And for the last over 10 years, he's not only been our dad, but he's had to be our mom too."

Christine replied to Kati's TikTok video, commenting, "One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with him is because he’s an amazing Dad! Really! He’s phenomenal! He’s the best!! 🥰🥰"

His Daughter Is a Sister Wives Fan

David's daughter, Kati, is all about Christine and recently revealed on TikTok that she was a fan of the TLC star long before she got together with her dad.

When one commenter wrote on a recent TikTok, "We love him for loving Christine 😭 She’s the absolute best! We’ve been waiting for her happiness 🥹❤️so glad he found her!," Kati replied, "Oh I was too! I loved Christine long before she met my dad 🥰"

In another TikTok, she assured one concerned fan that David is not after money or fame.

"Trust me, he was not after any of those things. He never has been. 🥰 He just loves Christine 🥰" she wrote.

He's Very Into Cars

David only joined Instagram in February, but in addition to pics of his family and Christine, he's also shared several shots of cars. He has a Polaris RZR and a Jeep that he's planning to take to the Jeep Safari expo in April.

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