Kody Brown Attends Daughter Gwendlyn's Wedding Among Exes and Christine Brown's New Fiancé

The 'Sister Wives' star is spotted attending his daughter, Gwendlyn Brown's, wedding.

Surprise! After fans assumed that Kody Brown skipped his daughter, Gwendlyn Brown's, wedding to Beatriz Queiroz, evidence that the polygamist father of 18 attended the event came from the most unlikely of places — his ex, Christine Brown's, Instagram. 

Kody and Christine share 21-year-old Gwendlyn but after their 2021 split and Christine's move to Utah, the pair have not been seen interacting outside of the family's TLC show, Sister Wives

But on Monday, Christine, who attended the wedding alongside her new fiancé, David Woolley, posted a series of photos from Gwendlyn's nuptials, including one which clearly shows Kody in the background, feeding a bottle to what appears to be one of his grandchildren. 

"Welcome to the family @bxx_qu we LOVE you and we’re thrilled you and @gwendlynbrown are married!! #everlastinglove #married #sheputaringonit #blessed," Christine captioned the photo series. 

Christine Brown/Instagram

Fans also speculated that Kody's only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, also attended after Gwendlyn herself posted a video of some karaoke at the reception. In the blurry video, a woman who appears to have Robyn's wavy brown locks, was seen with a child on her lap, sitting in the background of the festivities. 

Kody and Robyn have been estranged from the rest of the Brown family in recent years. The tension has been documented on Sister Wives and has played out as Kody's exes have gone public with their splits and separations from the salesman. 

After Christine's split, Kody's second wife, Janelle Brown, announced in January 2023 that she and Kody had been separated for months. And in the new trailer for season 18 of Sister Wives, Kody and Janelle are seen shouting at one another in a heated fight at Christmastime and Janelle tells Christine that she no longer wants to be married. 

Kody's first wife, Meri Brown, also announced in January 2023 that she and Kody had "permanently terminated" their marriage after years of estrangement. That decision will also be featured on the new season of Sister Wives

Janelle and Meri and most of their kids were also spotted at Gwendlyn's nuptials, meaning that Kody came face-to-face with his exes at the event as well as many of his estranged older children. 

In the trailer for season 18, Kody and Janelle's son, Garrison Brown, says that Robyn can "have him" and notes that Kody's grown kids don't need a "father figure." Several of Kody's kids, including Gwendlyn, nod in agreement. 

Season 18 of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.