'Sister Wives' Season 18: Premiere Date, Who's Involved, Everything We Know

The TLC reality series starring Kody Brown and his wives and exes is returning this summer.

Hold onto your perms, because Kody Brown and the Brown family are back for another drama-packed season of Sister Wives. The polygamist and father of 18 still has that knife in the kidneys and it's only getting twisted deeper as several of his wives choose to follow in his ex, Christine Brown's, footsteps. 

In the newly released season 18 trailer, Kody and his second wife, Janelle Brown, are at each other's throats, having tense conversations and even a passionate shouting match that ends with Kody storming out of the house. 

And Kody's estranged first wife, Meri Brown, has decided that she no longer intends to stick around for the sake of sticking around, effectively saying that she plans to leave Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Brown family behind. 

All this to say, Robyn Brown, Kody's fourth and only legal wife, is not going to get her dream of a packed porch anytime soon. 

Is your head spinning yet? Here's what you need to know going into season 18:

Where the Browns Left Off


Season 17 ended with Christine moving out of Flagstaff to Utah with her and Kody's youngest daughter, Truely Brown, in a very awkward, socially distanced goodbye. Though Kody made lots of rumblings about trying to get 50/50 custody of Truely, that never seemed to pan out. Though there was clearly still a lot of tension during the One-On-One special, Christine seemed happy in her decision and ready to find a new man, even one that resembled an orc from the World of Warcraft universe… yeah, that happened. 

Janelle and Kody were not on good terms at the end of the season, with the longtime couple having several heart-to-heart discussions about the future of their marriage. Janelle shared that she felt Kody was forcing her to choose between their children and him, putting her in an uncomfortable position. She also didn't like his seemingly newfound interest in the "patriarchy" after years of enjoying her own independence. During the One-on-One special, which aired in January 2023, Janelle and Kody both confirmed that they had been separated for months. Though Kody expressed interest in making things work with Janelle, she said that she was only staying with him out of religious obligation. 

As for poor Meri, Kody's first wife was shocked during the One-on-One special when she watched a clip of Kody saying he no longer considered himself to be married to her. After years of estrangement, Meri has held onto her interest in staying as a part of the Brown family. But she expressed that Kody's comments implied they were no longer married. She later clarified on social media that she and Kody had "permanently terminated" their marriage. 

Robyn was a puddle of tears throughout most of the season as she tried to salvage the crumbling family unit. Expressing that she still had a desire to maintain a plural family, Robyn tried to facilitate several uncomfortable conversations between Kody and his other wives, but with little success. 

Where Kody's Marriages Stand

Christine is now engaged to widower David Woolley and living with him in Lehi, Utah. She has stated that she intends to only be in monogamous relationships from here on out. 

Though Janelle and Kody shared that they were separated in the One-on-One special, in the newly released trailer for season 18, Janelle tells Christine that she no longer wants to be married. She and Kody have a shouting match that ends with him storming out of her house at Christmastime and her asking if they're "done." So it's unclear whether or not the two have officially split for good. 

Meri and Kody released a joint statement in January 2023, confirming that they had "permanently terminated" their marriage after years of estrangement. In the trailer, Meri is seen telling Kody and Robyn that this is no longer what she wants. She is likely to have relocated to Parowan, Utah, where she is running her family's B&B, Lizzie's Heritage Inn. 

Robyn is the only wife remaining in an active marriage with Kody. 

When Was It Filmed?


Sister Wives fans have to go way back in time as the show is filmed many months in advance. Most of the season 17 content was filmed in early 2021 despite airing in the fall of 2022. The footage shown in the trailer thus far shows that at least part of it was filmed in December 2022 as there are Christmas decorations up in several homes. It also features Meri's conversation with Kody and Robyn about her plans to leave the family, which presumably took place before her January 2023 announcement confirming this news. 

Who Is Featured?


All four of Kody's original wives as well as the curly-haired big man himself are featured in the trailer. We also see several of Janelle and Christine's kids including Garrison Brown, Savanah Brown, Gabriel Brown, and Gwendlyn Brown in one scene where Garrison is passionately saying that Robyn "can have" Kody, noting that they no longer need a "father figure." 

Christine's new fiancé, David Woolley, is expected to be featured on the show as Christine has shared photos of David on social media with a camera crew in the background. She also previously revealed that her post-Kody dating life will be featured on Sister Wives. 

In the season 18 synopsis, it reads, "Christine is learning to love who she is on her own by planning trips and celebrations along the way." 

When Does It Premiere?

Season 18 will premiere on TLC on Sunday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET, with new episodes coming out weekly. 

Where Is It Filmed?

Kody and Robyn live in Flagstaff, Arizona, but as the family begins to separate, fans will likely see more of Christine and possibly even Meri's life in Utah and their travels as well. 

Sister Wives season 18 premieres Sunday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.