‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Star Gabrielle Ruiz Opens Up After Suffering Miscarriage

Gabrielle Ruiz
Jemal Countess/Getty Images for the 2019 Obie Awards

Gabrielle Ruiz is opening up about a tragic loss.

The 34-year-old Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star took to Instagram over the weekend to tell her fans about her recent miscarriage. 

"This morning at 3:20am, I had a miscarriage. When our OB-GYN gave us the news,  I went through all the emotions; shocked, numb, confused, practical, overwhelmed, scared, sad, sarcastic, relieved, frustrated, even the thought, 'Oh, this couldn’t be happening to US,'" she began. "That very same day was also Oct 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day on social media. The stories you all shared gave me strength, understanding and the feeling that I truly wasn’t alone and that this all wasn’t in any way my fault."

Noting that she wants to be transparent about her own struggles, Ruiz went on to describe her miscarriage in detail. 

"I decided to wait a week to see if my body would miscarriage on it’s own and if it hadn’t, I would help my miscarriage along with the at-home pill prescription," she wrote. "On the fifth day of this plan, I experienced sharp pains and I just couldn’t wait anymore. My entire at-home pill prescription journey took 10-hours from beginning to end." 

In addition to some much-needed cuddles from her dogs, Leela and Veronica, Ruiz also praised her husband, Philip Pisanchyn, for his help in the difficult process. 

"Every moment, Philip was there. Philip is a great husband, but he’s even a greater life-partner," she gushed. "He was so gentle and caring and held me when I cried. I truly thank God for bringing him into my life. I also thank God for really strong prescribed Ibuprofen."

She closed her message by encouraging others to know that they are not alone, writing, "If you’re reading this and you got the miscarriage talk or if you’re anxious about starting a family, know that this is a common possibility, it’s no one’s fault, and it’s all going to truly be okay. We truly don’t know how brave our bodies and hearts are until we prevail in the moment, tears and all."

Ruiz wrapped her run as Valencia on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend earlier this year. 


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