Criss Angel Shaves 5-Year-Old Son Johnny's Head Amid Cancer Battle

Criss Angel
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Criss Angel's son is still undergoing treatment for his cancer.

In an Instagram video on Wednesday, Angel was seen asking his 5-year-old son, Johnny, if he wanted to shave his long hair or let it fall out on its own as a result of his cancer treatment. The tot opted to cut his hair off and what followed was a clip set to operatic music featuring Angel cutting off Johnny's hair before shaving his head.

The video continued by showing Johnny getting treatment at the hospital, before flashing back to healthier times with pics of him smiling.

"We must embrace what we can’t control with courage, strength and forever love. #CelebrateLife #2020," Angel captioned the clip.

Johnny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015 and initially went into remission in June 2016. In a statement to ET last month, though, Angel revealed that Johnny's cancer had returned. 

In Angel's statement, he said that his family is "devastated by this unexpected news," but added that they "believe that he will be in remission again soon."

"He is an amazingly strong little boy, and with the support of family, friends, and my loyal fans we look forward to the day he is again in remission," the statement read in part. "We want to thank you all for the outpouring of love, good thoughts and prayers for our amazing boy."

In a recent interview, Angel further opened up about the devastation his family and son are currently going through.

"I understand, with a son who just had a relapse, what it's really like, moment by moment, and how difficult it is to look at your child who should be worrying about what toy they're playing with. Instead, they're worrying about treatment that's literally putting poison into their body," he said. "My son will be 8 years old when he's done and six years of his life, he has been doing chemo treatments. I am going through this now."

Watch the video below for more on Angel.


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