Crystal Kung Minkoff Explains Unexpected Reason She Stays Quiet During 'RHOBH' Drama (Exclusive)

Crystal Kung Minkoff opens up in a confessional on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' Crystal Kung Minkoff opens up to her husband, Rob.

Crystal Kung Minkoff knows she's been a little quiet this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and there's a reason behind that not-so-conscious choice. 

"They keep saying to me, like, you know, 'You don't engage. You're not speaking up. You're so quiet,'" Crystal says of the group, confiding in her husband, Rob, in ET's first look at Wednesday's all-new episode of the Bravo hit. 

The sneak peek then flashes back to to Crystal's "Taco Tuesday" party and a moment many fans feared was left on the cutting room floor, Crystal growing frustrated with her castmates for wanting her to "scream all the f**king time," as first seen in the season 13 trailer.

"Why do I have to get to a point to, like, scream?" she asks Garcelle Beauvais in the unseen footage. "Why can't I speak with a soft voice and people listen?"

"I think you have a lot of opinions, I think you have a lot of very strong opinions," Rob tells Crystal. "I think that you just need to share that with them."

That's when Crystal reveals the real reason she hasn't been engaging as much with the women this year.

"On the other side of just being called out for that, which is just getting very annoying, is, like, the girls are all so skinny now..." she shares, before a clip from the premiere episode replays, Erika Jayne and Kyle Richards each commenting on the other's weight loss. At the time, Crystal muttered under her breath about being jealous of both women's shrinking size. 

"Sometimes, I can't focus," Crystal tells Rob. "Like, I'm comparing, looking at everyone's bodies. Like, what does mine look like compared to theirs? That's what I do all the time, so then I don't know what they're saying. It's not like I don't want to pay attention..."

Watch the heartfelt confession play out here:

Crystal has previously shared her struggle with an eating disorder on the show, and within the group. She's been in active recovery for bulimia for years. 

"It's not something I sort of discuss with people that I don't know, but my friends that I'm close with, they all know. They've known. My best friends are still from elementary school," Crystal told ET in 2022. "It wasn't my plan to talk about it on camera, but it happens and I don't shy away from it. It's part of my life. It's part of my being. It doesn't define me, but it certainly is a big part of my life. I think it's important to share all aspects. If you sign up for a show like this, you sign up for all of it. Hopefully, it speaks to people that are also struggling and that our show's not just about fashion and money and all these things, that we're all human and that we all experience these types of traumas."

Back in the RHOBH clip, Crystal notes how Los Angeles is a city "obsessed with beauty and bodies." 

"I work very hard to feel comfortable in groups that I'm in, and I finally started to feel more myself and relaxed, and now I'm back to having this severe distraction, which triggers me in a way that no one in this group could possibly understand," she adds, "and it's very hard for me. It's affecting me a lot." 

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