Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Hold Hands in Rare Joint Sighting on Mexico Vacation

The couple has been together since 2017.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin are enjoying a sun-filled beach vacation with their hands inter-webbed!

On Monday, the actress, 34, and the Coldplay singer, 46, were spotted wading in the water in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while on a trip just days after Madame Web debuted in theaters. The pair appeared to look out skeptically at the waves while Johnson sported a simple white one-piece and Martin adorned gray swim trunks. 

Johnson and Martin began dating in 2017 and have kept their relationship incredibly private, rarely attending events together and keeping the PDA to a minimum at the gatherings where they are seen in each other's company. 


Martin, who is from the U.K., was previously married to Gwyneth Paltrow from 2003 to 2016. The pair shares two children, 19-year-old Apple and 17-year-old Moses. Martin and Paltrow separated in 2014 but have kept the relationship amicable over the last decade, even cozying up with each other's significant others -- Paltrow is currently married to Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk

In November, Paltrow took to her Instagram and shared a smiley snapshot in which she's holding hands with Johnson during a social media Q&A with her 8.3 million followers.

The women are adorably bundled up in the photo, wearing hats, jackets, jeans and sneakers as they stand together on a quiet street. They each clasp one hand together in solidarity, with the other planted warmly in their respective coat pockets. 

Gwyneth Paltrow / Instagram

While Johnson and Martin have kept their relationship mostly under wraps, they have spoken about each other during public events, albeit seldomly and under the veil of discretion. 

In the fall, while accepting the HOPE Award for Depression Advocacy in recognition of her efforts as an advocate for mental health, Johnson told audience members an anecdote about how the Coldplay singer has been a guiding light for her during her own rough times.

"A few weeks ago, I was having a low day," Johnson reportedly said at the event, according to InStyle. "And my partner said to me, 'Are you really struggling?' and I said 'No?'"

Martin, she said, gently pressed on. 

"And he said, 'Baby, you are wearing a Cats T-shirt.' As in Cats the musical," she recalled. "So, it turns out, I really was struggling. But that moment lifted me up and pulled me out of it." 

Getty Images

Another sweet gesture occurred in 2020 when the singer made a rare public declaration of love during a concert in London. As the band began to play their single, "My Universe," Martin pointed to Johnson in the audience and said, "This is about my universe. She's here."


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